ENFiD stands for European Network of Filipino Diaspora. We are about 17 countries and growing. We try to connect. We try to network. We try to have a unified voice on matters that are important to us. Those are the aims of ENFiD.


ENFiD Conference and AGA 2019

The 6th Annual Meetings of Leaders in European Diaspora Registration closes 10th of October 2019 ENFiD AGA 2019 Ticket Options Individual Pass (3 Day Pass) – Only £110 Group Booking A (3 Day Pass for 5 People) – (£50 OFF) – Only £499 Group Booking B (3 Day Pass for 10 People) – (£100 OFF) […]

Leadership in Diaspora

Leadership in Diaspora Leading effectively with Emotional Intelligence 18-20 October 2019 Baden-Powell House, 65 Queen’s Gate Kensington London What is Leadership in Diaspora?People in diaspora has enriched the economic, cultural and social fabric of their host countries. As well as, contributing to their country of origin through financial remittances, knowledge and skills transfer. The diasporic […]

Filipino Diaspora in Europe strengthen bond in Paris summit

Filipino diaspora in Europe strengthen bond in Europe Summit PARIS, France – Filipinos from across Europe joined the European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD) in a gathering held on October 19 to 21 this year. Over 16 representatives from each country or a total of 91 delegates gathered in Paris to interact and hear inspiring […]
Diwang Pilipino, Tatak Euro-Pinoy Conference Statement

Diwang Pilipino, Tatak Euro-Pinoy Conference Statement

“Diwang Pilipino, Tatak Euro-Pinoy”A Conference on the Exploration of Filipino Values as Tools for Understanding and Supporting the Global Agenda to End Poverty and to Protect the Environment ENFiD 2018 Paris Conference Statement We, the delegates of the ENFiD 2018 Conference celebrate our strengthened organisation from a courage filled idea, to project implementations, and to welcoming new […]
Is the Culture of Poverty present in the Philippines?

Is the Culture of Poverty present in the Philippines?

     Photo credits: Dulce Amor Fortunado Is the Culture of Poverty present in the Philippines? The Culture of Poverty as a concept was put forth by a number of scholars from the late 1950’s. It suggests that poverty is a result of people’s values or cultural norms. According to this concept people who were […]
Leaders Behind ENFiD

Leaders Behind ENFiD

  Petmyla Arceno – United Kingdom “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.” This song plays in my mind each time I connect with Myla. As member of UK’s Board of Trustees since 2016, she has been instrumental in leveraging a unified and enthusiastic ENFID. This has led to positive and efficient group dynamics, surely […]





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