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enfidlogoEurope. A continent of 50 countries. A total land area of 10.2m square kilometres. A population of 740 million people. An estimated 230 different languages and dialects. A vibrant economy with GDP of US$17.6 trillion in 2011. Rich in heritage, culture, arts, history, life. Diverse, multi-racial. This is our adopted home.

We the Filipinos of Europe, 800,000 and rising, are beginning to speak with one voice, A voice that we want heard. Linked by the European Network of Filipino Diaspora From the frozen Norwegian tundras in the north Down to the craggy shores of Valetta in the south From the sandy shores of Cascais in the west To the Russian Ural Mountains in the east. North, south, west, east and central. We work, we serve, We laugh, we cry. We are new Europeans. We are here to stay Sure of our role as glocal agents of change, A growing political, social and economic force. Forever Filipinos. With annual remittances of US$ 3.35 billion We support our families, our nation. Heed us: we are partners For development, For the future.

Author: Gene Alcantara, ENFiD Chairman January 2013 to December 2016

ENFiD is an active international networking association that hopes to propagate the sense of Filipino “nationhood” away from the home country; inculcate a strong sense of shared destiny and aspirations; and act as a catalyst in promoting resolutions to issues and arising problems among Filipinos in Europe.