December 30, 2020 Oppose It!

Oppose It!


Trafficking of Filipino labourers in Europe.  

by: Rosalud de la Rosa

Working together towards a strong sense of shared aspirations to be integrated in Europe, ENFID will launch a Campaign Against Human Trafficking of Filipino Labourers

who are victims of injustice and abuse from those mediators, employers and agencies who are part of this criminal act against human rights and dignity.

ENFID is against Human Trafficking 

Call for a need to educate the Filipinos regarding intermediaries who facilitate the arrival of Filipinos in Europe by offering their services for the expeditious but illegal alternatives. This include perpetrators, recruitment agencies from the Philippines and in Europe who are the counterparts of Filipino syndicates in the country of destination.  

Call for a need to educate what is a contract violation regarding salaries and working conditions in the host-countries. 

Who are the most vulnerable to be victims of Human Trafficking? Why and How can they be supported? 

There are already existing institutions that are knowledgeable in addressing the needs of the victims of Human Trafficking in the Philippines and in Europe. [Each country should identify them.] If they do not exist, we need to identify already existing NGOs working at the regional and global levels and provide their roles and services. 

What is the role POEA and CFO to develop Orientation Seminar pre and post arrival in the destination country, with informed explanations of forced labor laws, sexual violence, various forms of coercion, manipulation, physical and sexual assaults? [This is entry point for ENFID collaboration.] 

The role of the Philippine Government Justice System, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ambassadors of the Philippine Embassies and Ambassadors of European Countries in the Philippines in the identification and reporting. They can provide Repatriation Programs for Human Trafficking Victims (including prosecution and enforcement measures that protect the victims). 

Stories and cases need to be narrated and written in collaboration with NGOs and referral agencies that support the actions of human trafficking crimes in the host country and in the Philippines.