January 27, 2021 ENFiD Virtual Annual General Assembly 2021

ENFiD Virtual General Assembly 2021

As in previous physical general assemblies, pre-registration is available and important. Your country representative will happily assist you in the process. If you cannot get in touch with your country reps, you can also register by sending an email to enfidaga@gmail.com. You will receive the zoom link, meeting ID, and password once registered. Looking forward [...]
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December 30, 2020 Leadership in Diaspora

Leadership in Diaspora

Leading effectively with Emotional Intelligence ENFiD Conference Statement 2019 Leadership in Filipino diaspora communities is more than a reflection of the skills and knowledge learned from our country of origin. The diaspora identity has transcend the essentialist notion of identity. A new form of identity has been reproduced by the interaction of our Filipino identity with the culture of our new adopted country. The […]

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October 1, 2018 Leaders Behind ENFiD

Leaders Behind ENFiD

CHRISTIAN ESTRADA – United KingdomFilipino nurses and medical practitioners are generally known for their efficiency, hard work and compassion to patient care. Christian is one significant contributor in the field. As a licensed, registered nurse in the UK, he has made it to regional manager position of Residential and Care Homes.Alongside his wide job responsibilities […]

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“DIWANG PILIPINO, TATAK EURO-PINOY” Rohlee de Guzman, Executive Director A Conference on the Exploration of Filipino Values as Tools for Understanding and Supporting the Global Agenda to End Poverty and to Protect the Environment 2018 European Conference of Filipino Diaspora organized by ENFiD Background The Tagalog proverb ‘ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi […]

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