December 30, 2020 Oppose It!

Oppose It!

ENFID AGAINST HUMAN against Human Trafficking of Filipino labourers in Europe.   by: Rosalud de la Rosa Working together towards a strong sense of shared aspirations to be integrated in Europe, ENFID will launch a Campaign Against Human Trafficking of Filipino Labourers who are victims of injustice and abuse from those mediators, employers and agencies […]

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December 30, 2020 Leadership in Diaspora

Leadership in Diaspora

Leading effectively with Emotional Intelligence ENFiD Conference Statement 2019 Leadership in Filipino diaspora communities is more than a reflection of the skills and knowledge learned from our country of origin. The diaspora identity has transcend the essentialist notion of identity. A new form of identity has been reproduced by the interaction of our Filipino identity with the culture of our new adopted country. The […]

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