July 17, 2017

The first implementation of the Learning and Development project of ENFiD Europe

Essen, Germany – May 2017: The first implementation of the Learning and Development project of ENFiD Europe

The ENFiD Board of Trustees, as well as members and guests from all over Europe gathered together for the Gender Awareness and Leadership Programme. The training was headed by Executive Director Rohlee de Guzman (Netherlands), Chairperson Betsy Von Atzigen (Switzerland) and Board member Rosalud de la Rosa (Italy).

The thorough and intelligent discussions regarding gender sensitivity and the sex/gender system were indeed eye-opening, aligning stereotypical perspectives with realities of modern society. In addition, participants engaged in a lively exchange of ideas, moderated by main speakers Rohlee and Rosalud.

Aside from an opportunity to discuss gender-related issues, the programme provided a practical hands-on experience of leadership. I salute Chairperson Betsy for her calm and effective way of leading ENFiD Europe, considering the many challenges posed by its diversity. As the saying goes: actions speak louder than words– Betsy exemplifies qualities of a great and effective leader through her handling of ENFiD Europe.

We started developing the training programme weeks ahead, from the time we received the information. During preparation, we were reminded of the importance of communication as a two-way process. Replies to all forms of communication, including emails and text messages, were needed for the training program to come together. (So, take note everyone– please reply to messages as soon as you can!)

The programme had also shown what organised and great leaders we have in ENFiD. From the moment we arrived in Dusseldorf Airport, we were greeted with a warm welcome and driven to the Essen Consulate for a courtesy call. We were also treated to lunch at a posh resto before heading off to the venue at St. Alfrid. What a fantastic way of starting the weekend– Thank you ENFiD Deutschland! Danke!

On another note, the pairing of roommates from different ENFiD member countries proved to be a great idea. I had the loveable Manay Tess and, the German Chairperson herself, Emmalyn as my roomies . All participants had the chance to participate in late night group meetings to brainstorm future ENFiD Projects and to get to know each other better over a bottle of special brew. We were able to produce lots of creative ideas for future projects, so make sure to watch out for them!

Of course, the programme would not have been complete without the talent portion on ENFiD night. We have all agreed in ENFiD that Europe we will never be short and lacking of talent. We smashed it! The talent show was spectacular! See it for yourself when the next one comes.

To end the programme, a holy mass was celebrated by the Rev. Fr. Zaldy Abong. A special prayer was offered to all leaders in church, in politics and in ENFiD.

Greenery, fresh air , environmentally friendly technology, on time activities, intellectual and practical discussions, well priced hydration, ambiance and camaraderie … The very diverse programme of the weekend provided a glimpse of what we have upcoming for the Annual General Meeting in Germany. You have done so well ENFiD Germany– see you at the AGM!

By Myla Arceno
ENFiD UK, Secretary
Coordinator, Arts and Culture