July 12, 2017

YENFiD-teen Netherlands

YENFiD-teen Netherlands
By: Kaya Bosch (18)

We had a bbq dedicated to YENFiD-teen in Maastricht, the Netherlands, last Friday 9 June 2017. This was the first informal YENFID- teen ‘meeting’. Present were 3 other Dutch-Filipinas: Mandy van ‘t Veer (16 years old), Toni Campos (15 years old) and Astrid Schenk (13 years old).



Marison Rodriquez (board member), official from ENFID Czech Republic, who now lives in France, visited the Netherlands for a meeting with Rohlee de Guzman (Executive Director). Both of them were at the meeting but they let us do our own thing which was fun. Unfortunately, Rosa (Youth Leader ENFID Europe) couldn’t join us that day but she came the next day and asked how it was.


We (the girls and I) didn’t really talk about ENFiD or YENFiD a lot because we had a lot of personal things to discuss and we hadn’t seen each other in quite some time. We know each other through our ENFID mom’s who are friends with each other.

Rohlee de Guzman gave us some information about ENFiD but mainly about the projects and activities ENFiD has done or will do just like the Sports Day in Paris, Paaralan project, the PR team weekend and YENFiD-UK. A reaction of one of the girls after Rohlee explained about ENFiD and Yenfid was “Sounds interesting. I will join,” to which the others also agreed with her.


At the end of the evening we played ‘Mens erger je niet’, in English Ludo (we were a bit loud and we got some complaints from my mum (Rohlee) and Mars who were discussing some things.

Everyone was also interested in joining YENFiD and will probably attend the Essen conference in September-October 2017. Another comment from one of the girls: “Are we going to be in our own groups only? When Rohlee told they will be mixed with the other Euro-youths from other European countries, their reaction was very happy and excited and lots of laughter.

We all looking forward to meet other Euro-Pinoys in September!