What is YENFiD?


YENFiD stands for Young ENFID and is part of ENFID. We as Euro-Pinoy Youths have different interests and concerns. You have young Filipino’s who were born here or grew up here in Europe, or came for a study or as a contract worker or came with one of their parents to Europe.

We all have different backgrounds, but what is connecting us, as young Filipinos, is our root the Philippines. That’s what YENFID is here for- to connect Euro – Youth – Pinoys in the 17 ENFID countries 


YENFiD Today

YENFiD is still in the formative stage in different ENFID countries. At the moment, there are active YENFiD groups in the UK, Italy, Switzerland and Netherlands. In the Netherlands there is even a special YENFID – Teens group . Besides the already active YENFID countries, there is a core group, who is responsible for the sustainability of the program, contents and activities.



If you are interested to be part of YENFID, you could send e-mail to yenfid@enfid.org or ask the ENFiD Country Representative in your country to connect you with the YENFID leader of Europe, Rosa Tijssen who is based in the Netherlands. Rosa could connect you with one of the leaders in the active YENFID countries. Or she could discuss with you how to start a YENFID group in your country.

For Who is YENFiD?

For who is YENFID?


YENFID is for the young Filipino’s in Europe. We even have a special group for the teens. This very young group has other, different needs and questions than the Euro- Pinoy young adults.

For YENFID there is not really a specific limit of age to describe the ‘young’. We believe that Euro-Pinoys who are now in the 40’s but who were born here or came here at a young age can be a good source of information about their experience in growing up in Europe. Their knowledge and experience can be a good source or reference for us. We welcome their input too.

General Objective of YENFiD

General Objective of YENFiD


The General Objective of the YENFID Program is to develop a new crop of leaders within the Euro-Pinoy community and beyond with strong connection to the Philippines and Europe. They have a special potential to be ambassadors for the Philippines in Europe and for Europe in the Philippines. Following the general framework of ENFiD in promoting and implementing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the 2015 Paris Agreement, YENFiD will link its projects to these instruments but with special attention to the youths.

The Program Objectives of YENFiD

The Program Objectives for YENFID are to:

  1. Connect the Euro-Pinoy youth with each other;
  2. Facilitate dialogues about the particularities of the situation of the Euro-Pinoy youths with the aim to contribute in giving form to their identity as both Filipino and European;
  3. Facilitate their connection and involvement with the Philippines (its culture, people, development, the country);
  4. Hone the ambassadorial potential of the Euro-Pinoy youth in promoting the Philippines while also promoting integration in the host country.

Committee, Programs, and Projects

Committees, Programs and Projects


ENFiD has various committees, programs and projects that cover various tasks, concerns and issues that ENFiD deals with.

From Arts, Culture and Sports to Environment….from Advocacy to Learning and Development…depending on your interest, there are many areas that you can join and be a part of.

Are you more skillful in IT/Website or you find it more challenging to do PR/Communication or fund-raising? You can then choose to join the committee for it.

You are always welcome.

YENFID Projects

YENFID projects

For YENFID we try to combine ENFID programs with our own YENFID projects because we would like to listen to the different needs as Euro – Pinoy – youth. Some already grew up with the Filipino culture, some not and their interest and questions to the Philippines come later.

We would like to translate the YENFID projects to practical and feasible activities. You could think of the topics, like:

  • Identity as both Filipino and European
  • Filipino culture
  • Events to promote the Philippines in your country
  • Empowering Youth projects in the Philippines
  • Culture tours around the Philippines
  • Learning Tagalog
  • Sport fests

Contact YENFID

Contact YENFiD


For more information send e-mail to yenfid@enfid.org or ask the ENFiD country representative to connect you with the YENFID leader of Europe Rosa Tijssen based in the Netherlands.

Rosa could connect you with one of the leaders in the active YENFID countries because in every country level YENFID is active on different topics.