What is Learning & Development Program?

ENFiD believes that continuous intellectual and character development of individuals results in a better community. It is with this motive that the

Learning and Development Program (formerly named the Education and Training Program) was conceptualized.

This program aims to create venues to grow together in various capacity- building sessions: seminars, trainings, workshops and so on.  Particularly, topics which ENFiD deems relevant such as gender, conflict management and organizational management, management of development cooperative projects, leadership and social sensitivity trainings, social remittances and financial literacy trainings are some examples which were mentioned to be of interest to ENFiD members.

It is also through this program that ENFiD commits itself in mainstreaming internationally agreed agenda like the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and the 2015 Paris Agreement by briefing its members and stakeholders about these legal instruments. But briefing/ reminder about other legal instruments such as Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the CEDAW, International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families, etc. will also be included.

The Learning and Development Team (LDT) introduced the Roving Academy in the last quarter of 2016. As the name implies, it is a ‘traveling training course’ where the trainers commissioned by ENFiD go to the communities of ENFiD members to conduct requested training. The ENFiD Country member or group that requests for a training course attends to logistics of invitation of participants, training venue and board and lodging for the trainer(s) while the LDT prepares the contents of the training in consultation with the trainer(s).

In 2016, an introduction to financial literacy (FinLit 101) was presented during ENFiD events in Stockholm, Oslo and Stavanger. This was sponsored by Western Union and the responses of the attendees were very positive. Because the attendees in Norway expressed a desire for deeper discussion and training on this topic, ENFiD Norway is now planning to organize a Social and Financial Literacy Trainings in Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger in the autumn of 2017.

On May 5,6 and 7, 2017 a Gender Sensitivity Training was conducted in Essen, Germany. It was attended by ENFiD leaders and members from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark and UK.

For more information about training modules, co-organizing of trainings or seminars, the trainers and other general information, contact Betsy von Atzigen, Head, Learning and Development Committee. betsy.vonatzigen@enfid.org