Lobby and Advocacy Programme


ENFID envisions a world with peace and stability in which people’s human rights and dignity are respected. We believe that the voices of the marginalized should be heard and that they can influence those who make decisions that affect them and the choices they make. ENFID’s lobby and advocacy goal is to advocate and be the voice of the marginalized.

The objectives include the following:

  • to connect and support Euro-Pinoy social change leaders who are serving Filipino communities in Europe in their effort to overcome practices of injustice and unequal treatments, particularly as it relates to issues of migration and integration in Europe and re-integration back home;
  • to affect effective response from host governments and from the Philippine government and Philippine Foreign Posts, as well as from private sectors, through improvement of their actions to protect the human and cultural rights of affected Filipinos living in Europe and back home as espoused by international treaties and conventions;
  • to increase the awareness of Filipinos living in Europe to contribute and take actions in solidarity with marginalized people and influencing governments and businesses to become responsive.


In order to achieve the objectives, Examples of activities that ENFID will:

1) raise awareness through campaigns and information dissemination for example on overseas voting rights and promote Overseas Absentee Voting of Filipinos living in Europe;

2) develop and disseminate positions and campaign messages on violation of human rights and unfounded claims of governments and entities against Filipino heritage and domain such as the West Philippine Sea, and

3) prepare and publish position letters and statements on lobbying points and actions addressed to concerned governments, on issues such as trafficking, recruitment irregularities, victims of violence, social injustices, among others.

Statements Under Advocacy