July 20, 2019 emotional intelligence (EI) increases job performance, job satisfaction and leadership abilities

Leadership in Diaspora

Leadership in Diaspora
Leading effectively with Emotional Intelligence
18-20 October 2019
Baden-Powell House, 65 Queen’s Gate Kensington London

What is Leadership in Diaspora?
People in diaspora has enriched the economic, cultural and social fabric of their host countries. As well as, contributing to their country of origin through financial remittances, knowledge and skills transfer. The diasporic identity has been recognised to transcend the essentialist notion of identity. This has been reproduced by the interaction of their essential identity with their new adopted country.
The complex process of adaption of another culture involves the interaction of variables such as personality, skills and emotional intelligence (EI). The right combination of these variables is important in a successful outcome of one’s life in diaspora.
Studies have shown that people with high EI are more successful in their profession, have strong mental health and effective leadership skills. Emotional Intelligence is the capability to recognise how one’s own emotion drive their own and other’s behaviour.
Emotional intelligence in diaspora leaders is important to develop because of their distinctive position in leading organisations based on altruism and good faith. Nurturing leadership skills in the diaspora community is not about the rise of the communities in each country. It is about the success of individuals from those community. Diaspora leaders are natural interpreters between two worlds, they bring with them multiple skills and unique experience that creates an added value to the success of an organisation and a country.

Who is it for?
Since 2012, ENFiD has been a platform where Filipinos and Europeans with Filipino heritage share their experiences, exchange ideas and views.
The meeting welcomes everyone in the community especially, professionals, business leaders, community builders, influencers and entrepreneurs. These three days event will enhance your expertise and give you an opportunity to cultivate your network.

Why should you come?
This year’s annual meeting will draw on the experiences of the participants and their work in the community. The experience will help them develop new thinking skills, connections and practical tools:

  1. Learn to understand how emotions drive their own and others’ behaviour.
  2. Enhance their ability to lead in situations where they have no formal power.
  3. Sustain and build new network and connections.

The challenge will be: “How diaspora leaders can use their skills and networks to benefit the organisation and their communities?”

The United Kingdom is home to various diaspora communities from Europe, Africa and Asia. This year, we come together in London to create more value and meaningful projects for our beneficiaries: the diaspora community, our host countries and our country of descent – the Philippines.

We expect 200 participants from at least 17 European countries, Israel and the Philippines as well as ENFiD partners, International Organisation of Migration and the Commission of Filipino Overseas.

Looking forward to welcoming you at the ENFiD Annual Meeting 2019!