October 6, 2017

Raffle Ticket Winners Essen 2017

European Conference 2017
Essen, Germany


1st prize: Rene Robles Painting ( Kunst Gallery)
2nd prize: Aris Bagtas Painting ( Kunst Gallery)
2nd prize: Aris Bagtas Painting ( Kunst Gallery)
3rd Prize: 500€ Travel Voucher ( Get Well Travel& AirTravel Ufer)
3rd Prize: 500€ Travel Voucher ( Get Well Travel & AirTravel Ufer)







1st prize: Rene Robles Painting ( Kunst Gallery)
Carmen Ferrera-Italy
Ticket nr: 6809
2nd prize: Aris Bagtas Painting ( Kunst Gallery)
M. Smith-UK
Ticket nr:4293
3rd Prize: 500€ Travel Voucher ( getwelltravel& AirTravel Ufer
Javier Picardo-Germany
Ticket nr:16022
4rth prize: Aris Bagtas painting( Phil. Consulate Essen)
Erik Wennström-Switzerland
Ticket Nr: 960
5th prize: Balikbayan box ( LBC)
Leonor Vintervoll-Norway
Ticket nr: 9153
6th Prize: Balikbayan box ( LBC)
Marissa Duss-Switzerland
Ticket nr: 869
7th prize: Balikbayan box ( LBC)
Nestor D(Pipos Band)-Germany
Ticket nr: 15510
8th prize: 200€ Mens Watch( Jewelry Hutz)
Ma. Antonette Lizardo- Philippines
Ticket nr: 16202
9th prize: Barong Tagalog
( Ed Alejandrino Collection)
Emmalyn Kothe- Germany
Ticket nr: 11437
10th prize: Barong Tagalog
( Ed Alejandrino Collection)
Liza Alfonzo- Germany

50 Consolation Prizes

11:JulietFrisnedi- Belgium
Ticket nr: 699
12:Belle Bringas-Sweden
Ticket nr: 14280
13:Ulf Wennström-Switzerland
Ticket nr:952
14:E .Kothe-Germany
Ticket nr:11449
15:Ester Uebelhart-Switzerland
Ticket nr:371
16:Henry Estrada-Italy
Ticket nr:6519
17:Rohlee de Guzman: Netherlands
Ticket nr:13222
18:Leonora Kuhn- Germany
Ticket nr:15470
19:Jeffrey Morales- Germany
Ticket nr:10522
20:Cristoph Winter- Germany
Ticket nr:17039
21:Thelma Herbst-Germany
Ticket nr:17363
22: Myla-UK
Ticket nr:17190
23:Helen Beiner-Switzerland
Ticket nr:341
24:Jo Kramer-Germany
Ticket nr:9871
25:Nessie Solon – Germany
Ticket nr:15415
26:E. Ballesteros-Netherland
Ticket nr:13031
27: Erlinda Grilli- Germany
Ticket nr:10811
28: Nito Endozo- Germany
Ticket nr:15563
29: Marissa Gantenbein- Switzerland
Ticket nr:330
30:Martin Poloczek-Germany
Ticket nr:10156
31: Nitnit Mongaya- Denmark
Ticket nr:17332
32: Cristy Anota- Sweden
Ticket nr:12024
33:Manuela Ufer-Germany
Ticket nr:16505
34:Ma Antonette Lizardo- Philippines
Ticket nr:16210
35: Nenita Klungkowski-France
Ticket nr:2585
36: Joyce Jakobsson-Sweden
Ticket nr:12151
37:Mila Wandelt- Germany
Ticket nr:10997
38:Marisa Merquita-Italy
Ticket nr:6601
39:Mar delos Reyes-Germany
Ticket nr:16392
40:Yummy SRLS-Italy
Ticket nr:6972
41:Sigrid Tanya Ambat-Germany
Ticket nr:10063
42:Jo Kramer-Germany
Ticket nr: 9838
43:Leonor Vintervoll(Norway)
Ticket nr:9159
43:Filomenita Mongaya-Denmark
Ticket nr:17339
44:Hiligayon- France
Ticket nr:2602
45:Hilagayon-FranceTicket nr:2602
46:Danilo Cantero (UK)
Ticket nr:16134
47:Belle Brinlas-Sweden
Ticket nr:14500
48:Jed Dayang- CZ Rep
Ticket nr:1346
49:Rohlee de Guzman- Netherlands
Ticket nr:13223
50:Leonora Kuhn- Germany
Ticket nr:15448
51:Thelma Herbst- Germany
Ticket nr:17366
52:Jerrymel Anino- Netherlands
Ticket nr:13042
53:Nenita Kluegkowski-France
Ticket nr:2587
54:Leonor Vintervoll- Norway
Ticket nr:9439
55:Stina Börjesson-
Ticket nr:12178
Ticket nr:13580
57:Melanie Cuizon Baturi-Germany
Ticket nr:16431
58: Christoph Winter-Germany
Ticket nr:17040
59:Ronald Sipat-UK
Ticket nr:4321
60: Zenaida Charlier-Germany
Ticket nr:9554


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