December 23, 2018

International Migrants Day

ENFiD Chair’s Message on International Migrants Day
I often hear myself say to fellow migrants, “Let us meet local residents and help them
develop positive perceptions of us migrants, encourage them to stay open to migration,
work together toward social and economic development while celebrating multi-culturalism
in our host countries.”
The European Network of Filipino Diaspora is a voluntary Filipino migrant
organisation founded in Rome which aims to connect the million Euro-Filipino
Diaspora across Europe for greater exchange of good practices, heightened sense
of oneness and concern for one another.
Since its founding 6 years ago, ENFiD has acquired a more unified voice and is
creating greater visibility to policy-making institutions in order to address social,
cultural, educational, economic, political, environmental, and integration
concerns both in our country of origin, the Philippines, and host country.
Today’s celebration of International Migrants Day is indeed significant as it
reminds and upholds the dignity and well-being not only of Euro-Pinoy migrants
but every single Filipino and citizen, regardless of nationality, living and working
outside the home country.
It is an auspicious moment to tell Filipinos in particular that migration is now a
choice rather than a need.
Let this day shed light to real migration concerns such as unfair migrant
employment practices, vulnerable worker exploitation, and the adverse breakup
of the family, society’s most important unit. Let us call on the Philippine and
migrant host governments, as well as local and international migrant
organisations to jointly provide a deeper understanding of migration, its serious
implications and hopefully create concrete economic conditions that ensure a
decent life for migrants wherever they may be.
Let us influence those in power to increase coalition-building between nations in
achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030.
And finally, let me call on all Euro-Pinoy migrants to help create new social,
economic and political breakthroughs for the Filipino Diaspora and challenge the
Filipino workforce to decide for migration as choice rather than need.
Mabuhay ang Pilipino, mabuhay ang mga Migrante!
Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ von Atzigen
ENFiD-Europe Chairperson


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