November 12, 2017

Interest groups in Europe… what are they working on?

Interest groups in Europe… what are they working on?

A survey conducted by INTEREURO provides an overview of the structures and activities of different non-government organisations in Europe. There were 43% respondents who participated, out of the 2038 selected  interest organisations registered in Transparency Register. The large part of the sample are focused on European level and less on international and regional level.

The top three policy areas that these organisations are working on are related to Environment, Single Market and Education. Sixy-five percent of these organisation spend their time lobbying at the European level trying to influence policy at the EU level institutions and agencies.

This survey gives us an insight on the influence of interest groups in the policies exclusive to EU policy – making competencies.

A closer look at the survey result is accessible through the website of Comparative Interest

(Link to article)

Sources: Comparative Interest Group Survey, (2017)

Bernhagen, Patrick, Jan Beyers, Caelesta Braun, Danica Fink-Hafner, Frederik Heylen, William Maloney, Daniel Naurin, Dominic Pakull (2016), INTEREURO Survey: Activities and Strategies of European Interest Groups: A Snapshot from the INTEREURO Survey. Stuttgart: Institute for Social Sciences.



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