General Questions


What is ENFiD?

ENFiD stands for European Network of Filipino Diaspora, an active international networking association that seeks to cultivate a sense of shared nationhood and cooperation among Overseas Filipinos in Europe.


What is the aim of ENFiD?

ENFiD is a nonprofit organisation that aims to connect with Filipino communities  existing in European countries in order to transform the Filipino Diaspora in Europe into “glocal” Filipinos, fully integrated in the host countries’ political, cultural, social, and economic systems.


What is the mission of ENFiD?

ENFiD’s mission is to be the prime organization of Euro-Filipinos in Europe in promoting programs, projects and activities that will lead to character transformation and strengthen solidarity, sharing and principled volunteerism in the framework of respect for human rights, upholding democracy and the rule of law, the Global Goals and the Paris Agreement.


What is the vision of ENFiD?

ENFiD envisions a community of Euro-Filipinos whose talents, contribution and potential as social and economic remitters are recognized glocally (global and local) and fully integrated in Europe, keeping their cultural values and traditions while enriching the diversity in Europe and being cognizant of the future generation.


Which countries is ENFiD represented?

ENFiD is represented by correspondent Filcom Affiliates in the following European countries: Austria, BelgiumCzechRepublicDenmarkFranceGermanyGreeceIcelandIrelandIsraelItaly, MaltaNorwayRomaniaSpainSwedenSwitzerlandThe NetherlandsUnited Kingdom and growing.


What does ENFiD do?

ENFiD organises meaningful conferences and assemblies, focused training workshops, cultural events, relief operations, long term environment projects in the Philippines, online Forum for discussion of issues pertinent to Euro-Filipinos and partners with institutions and CSOs for greater access to migration issues on culture and development.


Who are the people behind ENFiD?

ENFiD’s elected Board of Directors are the fiduciaries who steer the nonprofit organisation towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure the nonprofit has adequate resources to advance its mission.


Where and how does ENFiD get funding?

As ENFiD endeavours to provide services, assistance and expertise, accomplish Philippine projects, it seeks grants, cooperation and partnership with national, international, governmental, non-governmental agencies, foundations , the corporate world and therefore carry out its mission and realize its vision.


Is ENFiD political, partisan, sectarian?

ENFiD is non-political, non-sectarian and not-for-profit network. It comprises and welcomes members from different sectors of society, including all political leanings. Its foundations are formulated in its Constitution. It provides a forum for regional and global interaction between and among Filipino individuals and organisations within the European Community, with the Philippines and the rest of the world. It inspires and initiates non-partisan dialogues and discussions on relevant topics and participates in the international dialogue on ethical, cultural and political issues with a view to alleviate global poverty.


What has ENFiD accomplished?

ENFiD’s achievements have left sustainable impact in our community in Europe as reflected in continuous growth of its membership, active advocacy, training and communication,  organized Euro-Filipino youth under YENFiD, promotion of our unique culture, arts and sports, unity and humanitarian projects at home in responding to natural disasters, and a long term biogas digester and waste management project. ENFiD organizes an annual conference of Euro-Filipinos which marks face-to-face connection and creation of synergies. 


Why join ENFiD?

Joining ENFiD is belonging to Europe’s welcoming, connecting, networking and caring Euro-Filipino community away from home, whose existence dictates beyond the common social, regional, political or religious gatherings.


Why belong to ENFiD?

Belonging to ENFiD allows meaningful affiliation, being the widest, most embracing in Europe, going beyond European borders and Filipino divide. It is an open, friendly and up-to-date Euro-Filipino community. 


What does ENFiD inspire?

ENFiD inspires action in our communities, learn from our European hosts and neighbours, while staying true to our Filipino roots.


Questions about Donations


What causes interest you?

Do you want to support an organisation that is working for Euro-Filipino migrants’ full integration in their European host countries, advocacy, training, communication and environmental and social entrepreneurship projects in the Philippines? Are you passionate about ensuring that Philippine arts, culture and sports live on among Filipinos away from home?


How do I get to know ENFiD better?

Here are 3 things you can do.

  1. Visit website and read whatever you can about us.
  2. Better yet, come and see our organisation in action by contacting any of our members.
  3. Volunteer for ENFiD and discover a wonderful way to determine if we are the nonprofit you want to support.


How can I make donations to ENFiD?

Visit website and proceed to the donation box.


Ethics and Oversight


How do I determine the legitimacy of ENFiD?

ENFiD is a registered nonprofit (31 January 2014) in Malta Reg. VO/0885 and EU Transparency Register (May 2014) with ID number 018026613626-71. It holds  a Certification of Registration from the Commissioner for Voluntary Organizations (CVO) in Malta.


Where can I find ENFiD’s approved  Constitution and By Laws?

The ENFiD Constitution has been ratified in Prague on 16 September 2016 and signed on 21 January 2017 by the Board of Directors. Visit Constitution and By Laws



How do I contact ENFiD electronically? ● Group ● email us

ENFiD Secretariat: Meendaal 230, 6228 GS Maastricht, the Netherlands

Tel/fax: +31 43 325 2759 Mobile: +31 6123 92919