November 12, 2017

Youngest YENFIDer

Youngest YENFIDer

By Jessy Stassen from YENFiD NL

My grandma used to say, ‘you know you’ve prepared a good meal when you’ve satisfied the youngest client.’ So, it was important for me to get the opinion of Jessy, our 13 year old YENFiD participant from The Netherlands. Being the youngest of the conference participants, I wanted to know what she thinks about ENFiD and Yenfid.

What is your impression about the ENFiD conference?
The Enfid Annual General Assembly In Essen was quite a long meeting. A long meeting because it is held only once a year. I greatly respect the people who did the presentations. They had to pick important topics, talk about them and keep people’s attention. They definitely had mine which was good. Why? Because my generation mostly isn’t interested in their Filipino background/ parents’ culture.

Do you think it is important to be part of the Filipino community? Why?
ENFiD is a network in Europe who helps the Philippines. YENFiD was also introduced during the assembly. This is a group for young people under 30 years old. I happened to be the youngest participant of the general assembly.YENFiD also had a meeting which I found really interesting. I also get to know other youngsters from other countries. All of a sudden I have Kuyas and Ates?. It felt good to be with them. Some of them are half-Filipino just like me. Others were full-blooded Filipinos. It was fun discussing with them about projects to be able to help the Philippines. It got me hyped up and I wanted to do something to contribute to the projects in the future. I feel proud to be a YEnfider, to be part of the European- Filipino community.

What do you like about Filipinos? Philippines?
The warm and friendly nature of the Filipinos are the characteristics I love most. I would love to go to the Philippines next year together with other YEnfiders but I’m only 13 years old, so I guess I have to wait for two more years to be able to participate. I also miss the beautiful beaches, my cousins and most of all the Filipino foods?

Anything else you want to add?
Then there was the gala. I got the chance to sing together with Mandy. But most of all it was great jamming with the guest singer, CK Arca to Bruno Mars’ Versace on the Floor.
It was a very nice experience and if given the chance I would love to attend next year’s general assembly in Paris, France.

Based from her brief answers, I guess we are on the right track. Go ENFiD! Go YENFiD!