August 2, 2017 Remit for Free

Remit for Free

About a million Filipinos today live across the European continent prompted by a variety of
reasons: education, economics, experience, relationships, ‘improvement of the specie,’
career, adventure and so on. The experience of being away from home almost automatically
provides a channel to send back to the home country what has been earned, mainly the
euro (synonymous with financial remittance) and the PADALA of the DAY – social

The two most valuable acquisitions of Filipino migrants today, given positive conditions of
migration, are no doubt , financial and social.
Majority of Euro-Filipinos may not be too aware that the term social remittance evolved
over a decade ago to mean that apart from the hard-earned euro, pound or franc, migrants
also earn creative ideas, admirable habits, ideal practices, cumulative skills and consciously
or not, pack these up and ship them home in Balikbayan boxes or cargo them up during
home visits.

Visualize a Filipino nurse who has dramatically picked up punctuality in the hospital, as
opposed to ‘late na naman’ just because the European standard is arriving at a designated
schedule on time. Listen to a Filipino speak with courtesy and respect, even in the face of
opposition, because generally that is how communication flows at work, in the social,
organisational and political arenas.

Social remittance. Here is one definite area where Euro-Filipinos may contribute immensely
to the growth of family, community and society back home, in Europe or anywhere else.

  1. The Filipino can remit the skill of listening even to opposing views.
  2. The Filipino can remit critical thinking on current issues or beliefs.
  3. The Filipino can remit respect when writing comments or sharing videos on social media.
  4. The Filipino can remit restraint when using foul, manipulative or abusive language in public.
  5. The Filipino can remit moderation in zeal or enthusiasm over political issues and identities.
  6. The Filipino can remit self-respect when accepting a weakness and be able to find a solution.
  7. The Filipino can remit an individual, moral stand and not flow with the crowd.
  8. The Filipino can remit agreement in the face of disagreement.
  9. The Filipino can remit values learned for family and community building.
  10. The Filipino can remit a sense of nationhood in every aspect of life at home or abroad.

Filipinos have more to earn while making the above remittances. Investment now open for a
brisk Euro-Filipino social remittance. Remit for free. Padala na.

Betsy von Atzigen, ENFiD- Chair

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