August 2, 2017 New ENFiD House Style

New ENFiD House Style

Some of you might have noticed it already– ENFiD got a new look!

In celebration of ENFiD’s 5th anniversary on September 29, the PR/IT Teams came up with a new house style for ENFiD.The theme colors, blue and yellow, are both composite of the Philippine and the EU flag; finding the midpoints between these two flags signify ENFiD as the bridge between the distinct cultures. An addition of red gives us the three main theme colors of our house style. The combination of these three colors in 2-3 tone is used in our publicity materials, following ENFiD’s theme of fostering a blending of cultures. The weave patterns incorporated in the design are meant to mimic common abaca weaving patterns in many traditional Filipino crafts like ‘bayong’ and ‘banig’, and symbolize the idea of binding diverse elements together to create a whole fabric that is stronger and more beautiful.

We also have icons which correspond with various ENFiD programs:

Environmentalism: The icon portrays land, sea and sky locked together into a single system. It also portrays four sustainable sources of energy: Solar, Geothermal, Water and Wind.

Arts, Culture, & Sports: As products of passion, drive and inner strength, a heart-and-arrow icon is used to signify these traits.

Advocacy: Due to the breadth of this category, a multiplicity of symbols were incorporated: the Libra (Justice), the equal sign (equality), the plus sign (prosperity), and the medic’s cross (health.)

Learning and Development: While essentially being an eight-rayed sun (as in the Philippine flag), the ambiguity of the icon is also meant to represent a diversity of fields: an abaca weave (the Humanities,) truncated electron orbital rings (the Sciences), spokes in a bicycle wheel (Technology), and branching networks spiraling from the middle (Business).

YENFiD: Aside from being the “Y” in YENFiD, this logo takes all four colors of the Programs Icons and renders it as a synergy of all four aspects directed towards the youth. Also reflected in this symbol is the Philippine flag, a hand held up high, and the country’s national motto: Maka-Diyos (Gold), Maka-Tao (Blue), Makakalikasan (Green) at Makabansa (Red).

By end of June, our newly revamped website will also feature these new ENFiD house style elements.

We acknowledge and thank our graphic designer Marthy Angue for these wonderful ideas!