Mission And Values Statements

We are committed to these core values:

  1. Kilusan at Ugnayan – movement, association, organization, network

1.1   transform the Filipino Diaspora in Europe into “glocal” Filipinos through the educational and community development activities of ENFiD;

1.2   interlink with the various Filipino organizations existing in the host countries to formally form part of the ENFiD, either directly or through the country ENFiDs;

1.3   provide services, assistance and expertise, seek grants or assistance, cooperation and partnership with the national, international, governmental, non-governmental agencies, and foundations to carry out the mission and realize the vision of ENFiD

  1. Bayanihan at Buklod-talakayan – forum, discussion, dialogue; intensified sharing, solidarity, heightened sense of Filipino volunteerism

2.1  provide an effective forum for regional and global interaction between and among Filipino individuals and organizations within the European Community, with the Philippines and with the rest of the world;

2.2   inspire and initiate dialogues, discussions and advocacies on relevant and important topics; and where possible to be part of the solution

  1. Gawi at Kaalaman – character transformation and education

3.1   enable and when necessary, intervene for the Filipino Diaspora in Europe to fully integrate in the host countries’ political, cultural, social, and economic systems.

3.2   work towards the establishment of advice, support groups and counselling centres for the Filipino Diaspora in their host country in tandem with local governments, non-governmental bodies and the home-country government;

3.3  attend conferences and/or become active participants in the international dialogue regarding various topics such as ethical, cultural, political and technological issues, and in alleviating global poverty.

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