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[ENFiD] 1st AGM (Madrid, Spain)

To summarise what has been agreed:

> Ratified our CBL
> Pursue in opening bank account but for now pledges
> Permanent Secretariat
> 5-year strategy
> Trademark

NB: 8 0ut of 9 Country Reps agreed that the details will be threshed out by new BoD as to what was agreed above

> Membership:

Issue on big countries like Italy (North, South, Central and Islands = 1 country rep) ? Agreed on rotating representation [Repository of Supplementary Rules]
Signatories and endorsements
Country reps qualifications
Procedure on how to tackle complaints

c/o Rohlee discussant on 5-year strategy plan:
◦ no clashing; supplementary which brings added value

4 objectives:
(1) organisational stability

▪ 4 strategies: 01) institutional development – official office / 02) membership- guidelines, procedures / 03) HR – importance of Secretariat; task force; management – BoD / 04)
▪ BoD (direction and strategy) v AC
▪ clarify the qualification for memberships / ideas for possible amendments
▪ Example:
▪ Is task force related to Secretariat? Immediate task force, i.e. calamity // Task force/ad hoc or urgent/crisis // committee

(2) Resource Development

▪ Fund sourcing – artist sponsors
▪ Nit2 – needs to be vetted; are they worth it; quality wise?
▪ Branding of name ENFID / Fibre initiative /
▪ Register as a TM – ENFID brand

(3) Concrete Plans
▪ Deliver! Strategies:
▪ Information campaigns/exchange: foreign voting; dual nationalities; Chinese aggression
▪ Facilitation of capacity building activities / Inter exchange program (AnaBel) /
▪ values transformation workshops

(4) Communications and PR
▪ can this be the 4th objective?
5-year strategy plan has been moved, seconded and adopted

Country Reporting:
◦ Austria – c/o Marison / No official yet; Austria is accepting the ad hoc representation
◦ Belgium – not really inactive but unofficial / Julie and her org was awarded the Presidential award / Assistance given to the Haiyan victims amongst others / Financial literacy training in Brussels / WAVE – Women’s Against Violence in Europe /
◦ Czech Republic – Marison and Jed Dayang formalized with ENFID
◦ Denmark – consultation and presentation right after Rome but Nit2 is still the ad hoc / 2nd gen is hard to engage as they are on a different level
◦ France – big federation and head of association is country rep
◦ Germany – similar to Belgium situation / set of officers is from 2nd gen / did a lot of activities but not listed. Embassy is very supportive
◦ Greece – Gene went in September to encourage to organise but two reps are having difficulty to organise / spoke to two groups – Kasapi and ?
◦ Iceland – new member / Rachel Hansen was instrumental / meeting then Haiyan then activities / still ad hoc
◦ Italy: Central Italy / North Italy: ad hoc AnaBel Mayo / Piccolo del Mundo project – basurahan and funded their expenses for Madrid / Saranggani bangus / FAME /

[ENFiD] New ENFiD Board Members

Dear all,

This is to report that following a very successful and memorable first European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD) General Assembly and Mini-Conference held in Madrid, Spain on 11-13 July 2014 at Hotel Barcelo, I am pleased to report that the following new Board of Directors were duly elected to serve for the next 2 years (July 2014 to June 2016):

Virgilio Cuizon (Germany)
Rohlee de Guzman (Netherlands)
Rachel Hansen (Sweden)
Renee Ikdal (Norway)
Dennis Mana-ay (France)

The newly elected officers will join the following existing Directors, and then elect among themselves who will occupy the various vacant positions on the Board — a full report will issue in due course.

Chair, Gene Alcantara (UK)
Secretary, Marison Rodriguez (Czech Republic)
PR Officer, Brady Eviota (Switzerland)
Member, Msgr Jerry Bitoon (Italy)
Vice Chair

[Board meetings are attended by the non-country Executive Director,
Marie Luarca Reyes, and Legal Adviser, Aimee Alado (UK)].

Many congratulations to the new officers, as well as to everyone who took part in the election process, including the ad hoc comelec team,the Country Representatives who duly exercised their right to vote, and our many observers and supporters present during the event.

With best wishes

Gene Alcantara
Chair ENFiD

ENFiD Announces it's First Mini-Conference and General Assembly

ENFiD GA Teaser

The European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD) announced today that it is holding its first Annual General Assembly and a Mini-Conference in Madrid, Spain from 11-13 July 2014 at the Hotel Barcelo Castellana Norte, Madrid, Spain.


The mini-conference is organised to increase and deepen understanding of relevant topics affecting the (im)migrant Filipinos and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s) such as consular protection and overseas voting. Moreover, the mini-conference is a venue to determine the issues where ENFiD may have a pivotal role and correspondingly, draft recommendations on these for for consideration at the ENFiD General Assembly. The guests and speakers include H.E. Carlos Salinas – Philippine Ambassador to Spain, Alcadesa Ana Maria Botella Serrano of the City of Madrid, Dr. Juan E. Dayang Jr., Consul General at the Philippine Embassy in Czech Republic, Ms. Maria Jesus, International Organization for Migration, Sr. D. Gonzalo Ortiz Lazaro, Director General, Immigracion Consejeria de Asuntos Sociales de Madrid and Fr. José Luis Pinilla, Director del Secretariado de la Comisión Episcopal de Migraciones Conferencia Episcopal Española.


At the General Assembly (GA), ENFiD will identify the themes to pursue at Euro-region and will formulate a Five-year Strategy Plan and an Annual Action Plan. Also new Board Members will be elected and its membership will be formalized. Moreover, at the GA, networking among Filipino organizations will be strengthened and best practices on life-long learning, and integration of Filipinos in their host countries will be shared.


ENFiD is an active international networking association that propagates the sense of Filipino “nationhood” away from the home country. ENFiD also inculcates a strong sense of shared destiny and aspirations and acts as a catalyst in promoting resolutions to issues and arising problems among Filipinos in Europe. It is registered as a non-profit organization in the Commission on Voluntary Organisations (CVO) in Malta in January 2014 and in the EU Transparency Registry in May 2014. It was born out of the Diaspora 2 Dialogue (D2D) Conference in Rome in September 2012 organized by the Philippine Embassy in Italy with the support of various communities, local government, NGOs, international bodies such as the Global Filipino Diaspora Council (GFDC) and the Philippine government including the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO).  As there is a need for European voices to be united and heard, and indeed for European Filipinos to participate in nation-building in ways more than just through their remittances as well as to integrate in their host countries, the over 200 participants responded positively with a Rome Declaration and the formation of the network initially of 14 countries.


In January 2013, ENFiD was formally organized with a meeting held in Malta by Ad-Hoc Representatives of it country members. The meeting drafted the Constitution and By Laws, elected the first set of Board of Directors and appointed an Executive Director.  Now, the network is slowly but surely getting into contact with Filipino organizations across Europe, and it has 17 countries among its organizational membership which include Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Romania, Spain and Sweden. The journey no doubt is going to be long and arduous, but ENFiD hopes to reach more countries in Europe in its membership. It is estimated that there are about 800,000 Filipinos living in the European continent.


ENFiD operates a website and a Facebook group (currently with 1,900 members) to communicate with the membership and its constituents in Europe, and as a repository of its activities, meeting reports and other documents.


For further information, please visit or email



Towards a Five-Year Strategy Plan for ENFiD for 2014-2019

Written By: Rohlee de Guzman, Vice-Chairperson, ENFiD
Edited by Marie Luarca Reyes, 21-06-2014
With feedback from Gene Alcantara, 21-06-2014


This paper was written for the ENFiD Mini-Conference and General Assembly taking place 11 to 13 July 2014 in Madrid, Spain.

The paper builds on the Diaspora-to-Diaspora (D2D) Declaration (Rome, 29 September 2012) and ENFiD Constitution and Bylaws (Malta, 1 June 2013).  It is inspired by the exchange of concerns among ENFiD members that the organisation needs to be strengthened to fulfil its constitutional mandate.

Please click this for full details – Towards an ENFiD Five-Year Strategy Plan 2014-2019


ENFiD Nomination and Election Procedure


Our first Annual General Meeting/General Assembly (AGM/GA) will be the venue for formalizing (a) the membership to ENFiD and (b) to elect/re-elect some members of the Board of Directors. We would like all ENFiD members to nominate for the following positions:

Open Positions (5):
(1) Vice-Chairman
(1) Treasurer
(1) Membership Director
(1) Revision of Constitution and By-laws Director
(1) Board Member

Current Structure of the Board:
Chairman: Gene Alcantara (UK)
Vice-Chairman: Rohlee de Guzman (The Netherlands)
Secretary: Marison Rodriguez (Czech Republic)
Treasurer: Renee Ikdal (Norway)
PR Officer: Brady Eviota (Switzerland)

Director for each Committee
Executive – Marie Luarca-Reyes
Development and Promotions – Rohlee de Guzman
Communications and Website – Brady Eviota
Finance and Budget – Renee Ikdal
Board Member – Jerry Bitoon

Board of Advisers
Legal Adviser – Aimee Alado

Country Representatives
1. ENFiD-Austria Lorna Titgemeyer
2. ENFiD-Belgium Julieta Frisnedi Regidor
3. ENFiD-Czech Republic Marison Rodriguez
4. ENFiD-Denmark Filomenita Hoegsholm
5. ENFiD-France Ralph Cabaron
6. ENFiD-Germany Oggie Maristela
7. ENFiD-Greece Bella Sanchez Bacasen
8. ENFiD Iceland-Lilja Védís Hólmsdóttir
9. ENFiD-Italy (1) Central Italy: Jerry Bitoon
10. ENFiD-Malta Jaime Defiesta Bernal Jr.
11. ENFiD-Netherlands Rohlee de Guzman
12. ENFiD-Norway Renee Ikdal
13. ENFiD-Romania Rouen Tiocson Reyes
14. ENFiD-Spain Paulita Astillero
15. ENFiD-Sweden Rachel Hansen
16. ENFiD-Switzerland Diomedes Eviota
17. ENFiD-UK (1) Gene Alcantara (2) Zenaida Valentine (3) Adelina Duenas

1. All ENFiD Members (country-level = organizations and individuals) may nominate a person for the position.
2. Nominations from each country will be accepted.
3. All nominations will be accepted on/before July 4, 2014, Friday (EOD).
4. All nominated person must submit their CV and short introduction to cc: your country representative
5. The names and short introduction will be posted in the website starting on July 5, 2014

1. ENFiD Chairman facilitates the election. ENFiD Secretary reads and calls the nominees. Ensure that there’s quorum on the election day.
2. The nominees will give a 1 minute speech (affiliation, organization, leadership qualities). Note that we will open a skype web-conferencing so the other country reps and nominees who are not present can join the election on July 13, Sunday.
3. All country representatives present in the meeting (GA and skype) will cast their votes. If there are more than 1 country representatives, choose one to represent the country during the voting period. Organizations and individuals present must convene/report with their country representative/s.
4. Votes will be counted and based on simple majority rule. The top 6 person who has the most number of votes will be part of the ENFiD Board.
5. Oath-taking will follow on the same date.

Term of Service: 2 years       Reference: ENFiD CBL

To register for participation in the ENFiD Mini-Conference and General Assembly in Madrid, click HERE.

To know more about ENFiD MIni-Conference and General Assembly, click HERE.

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[ENFiD] Mini-Conference and General Assembly Now Set



11-13 July 2014
Hotel Barcelo Castellana Norte, Ave de Manoteras 20, 28050 Madrid, Spain

I. Background:

  • After the first Diaspora-2-Dialogue (D2D) Conference held in Rome in 2012 which was attended by fifteen European countries, the “Rome Declaration“ was signed and the European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD) was established.
  • The Rome Declaration is a framework to strengthen the Fil-Euro Diaspora’s capacity to (a) interact/work with multi-sectors of both host and home countries; and (b) encourage participation, and empower the migrants, in the integration/reintegration process of both host and home countries.
  • ENFiD’s vision is to work towards a sustained commitment to the “Rome Declaration”. It’s mission is to propagate the sense of Filipino “nationhood” outside of the home country; inculcate a strong sense of shared destiny and aspirations; and act as a catalyst in promoting resolutions to issues and arising problems among Filipinos in Europe.
  • In keeping with the above ENFiD is holding its 1st Annual General Assembly preceded by a Conference, the objectives of which are set out below.

II. Objectives of ENFiD General Assembly (GA):

  1. Identify issues for ENFID to pursue at Euro-region on behalf Euro-OFs and Euro-institutions.
  2. Formulate a 5-year Action Plan.
  3. Elect officers as prescribed by the constitution and bylaws.
  4. Strengthen networking among Filipino organizations for continued sharing and learning upgrade.

III. Objectives of the Conference

  1. To increase and deepen understanding of relevant topics affecting the Overseas Filipinos (OF’s) and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s);
  2. To have a venue for issues and resolutions where ENFiD might have a pivotal role.
  3. Draft recommendations for consideration at the ENFiD General Assembly.



ENFiD Mini-conference and General Assembly Agenda

ENFiD Accommodation. Please book your accommodation and lunch directly in Hotel Barcelo on/before July 1. See instructions in the link. Booking code: ENFID

Fill up the ENFiD GA Registration Form 

Madrid Contact Point:
Eleanor de Leon, AFIMA
+34 611262952

For questions, please email us
or check us in Facebook