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YENFiD-teen Netherlands

YENFiD-teen Netherlands
By: Kaya Bosch (18)

We had a bbq dedicated to YENFiD-teen in Maastricht, the Netherlands, last Friday 9 June 2017. This was the first informal YENFID- teen ‘meeting’. Present were 3 other Dutch-Filipinas: Mandy van ‘t Veer (16 years old), Toni Campos (15 years old) and Astrid Schenk (13 years old).



Marison Rodriquez (board member), official from ENFID Czech Republic, who now lives in France, visited the Netherlands for a meeting with Rohlee de Guzman (Executive Director). Both of them were at the meeting but they let us do our own thing which was fun. Unfortunately, Rosa (Youth Leader ENFID Europe) couldn’t join us that day but she came the next day and asked how it was.


We (the girls and I) didn’t really talk about ENFiD or YENFiD a lot because we had a lot of personal things to discuss and we hadn’t seen each other in quite some time. We know each other through our ENFID mom’s who are friends with each other.

Rohlee de Guzman gave us some information about ENFiD but mainly about the projects and activities ENFiD has done or will do just like the Sports Day in Paris, Paaralan project, the PR team weekend and YENFiD-UK. A reaction of one of the girls after Rohlee explained about ENFiD and Yenfid was “Sounds interesting. I will join,” to which the others also agreed with her.


At the end of the evening we played ‘Mens erger je niet’, in English Ludo (we were a bit loud and we got some complaints from my mum (Rohlee) and Mars who were discussing some things.

Everyone was also interested in joining YENFiD and will probably attend the Essen conference in September-October 2017. Another comment from one of the girls: “Are we going to be in our own groups only? When Rohlee told they will be mixed with the other Euro-youths from other European countries, their reaction was very happy and excited and lots of laughter.

We all looking forward to meet other Euro-Pinoys in September!

ENFiD BENELUX has come!

By Betsy Jance Vonatzigen

Benelux meeting1

3 June 2017, Maastricht NL. – The fruitful weekend meeting of ENFiD leaders from the BENELUX region was strategic in all counts. Prominently present were Tess Ramakers-Badana ENFiD Chair Netherlands along with her highly engaged Team, ever dependable Juliet Frisnedi Enfid Belgium along with educator and community leader Bernadette Schlueter, sister of friend & Enfid Swiss elected leader Zürich-based Minerva Mondejar Steiner.

ENFiD Europe leadership was all out in supporting this momentous event with organizer / presenter Rohlee de Guzman Exec Director herself based in Maastricht along with BOD Secretary Diane Mondragon Halmans of Roermond NL and ENFiD Chair Betsy von Atzigen of St Gallen, Switzerland. ENFiD deeply acknowledges Volker Hauck of the European Centre for Policy Development for the meeting venue. So central was this location that it significantly positioned ENFiD BENELUX within the continent.

Benelux meeting2

We met rising stars at the same gathering – young and talented YENFiD forerunners Kaya and Mandy while NL based Rosa occupied herself connecting with YENFiD Italy. Be not surprised, the coming General Assembly may just burst at the seams.

Congratulations ENFiD BENELUX! Watch ENFiD connect with Filipinos across Europe, network with Euro-Pinoy kababayans, and raise one voice over our common concerns in Europe and at home. Come, connect and network with ENFiD prime movers on 29 September-2 Oct 2017 in Essen, Germany for this year’s General Assembly and Conference.


Download the pdf version here: ENFiD-is-an-open-organisation




ENFiD is non-political, non-sectarian and not-for-profit network. It comprises members from different sectors of the society, including all political leanings. ENFiD’s foundations are formulated in its Constitution. It provides a forum for regional and global interaction between and among Filipino individuals and organisations within the European Community, with Philippines and with the rest of the world. It inspires and initiates non-partisan dialogues and discussions on relevant topics and participates in the international dialogue on ethical, cultural and political issues with a view to alleviate global poverty.

Let it be known that members of ENFiD are a mixture of supporters and non-supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte. As ENFiD, we believe that individual members have the freedom to express their (political) opinion on a personal level. However, let this be clear to all that these individual positions of various ENFiD members are NOT THE POSITION OF ENFID.

The Board of Directors of ENFiD deplores the current malicious, unfounded attacks to ENFiD in social media where ENFiD is accused of being the European arm of the Liberal Party (the yellowist) and of being funded by US-based Filipino philanthropist, Attorney Loida Nicolas. Both are not true. These accusations were based on the attendance of Mr. Gene Alcantara, the former Chair of ENFiD, at a protest rally organized by anti-Duterte groups in Paris. Mr. Alcantara was there as a journalist-correspondent of ABS-CBN and not as an ENFiD representative. ENFiD was not represented in that rally.

ENFiD is an open organization. It welcomes all Euro-Pinoys from all political colors, from any religion, from all background, as long as one adheres to principles of democracy and respect for one another.

Within ENFiD, reflecting the diversity of the Filipino society at large, different positions exist which have led to spontaneous partisan positions in public, which do not necessarily represent the official position of ENFiD.

ENFiD core values and principles: As mentioned in ENFiD Constitution, our network aims to bring different communities of the OF’s and OFW’s in Europe together, to function as a platform for exchange across European borders and to promote joint action for the cause of Filipinos in Europe, but also in support of the development of our home country.

As OF’s/OFWs in Europe, and our exposure to European society, we have benefitted from the core values and principles on which European democratic societies are built, such as the respect for the rule of law, solidarity and basic humanitarian principles. Europe’s development over the past decades cannot be delinked from these fundamental political and societal foundations which we subscribe to.



The Board of Directors of ENFiD

13 June 2017


Previous ENFID Statement on Yellow Arm

Check out our upcoming General Assembly and Conference in Germany



Euro-Pinoy Youth Working Group meeting in Poppel, Belgium

Euro-Pinoy Youth Working Group meeting in Poppel, Belgium

As agreed during the Skype Conference of the Working Group (WG) of Euro-Pinoy Youth on the 9th of December 2016, a “face2face” meeting of the group was held on Easter weekend, 14-15-16 April 2017, in Poppel, a Belgian town near the northern border with the Netherlands.

Under the supervision of Rohlee de Guzman, ENFiD Executive Director, a group of eight people from different corners of Europe- the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Italy and UK- from 18 to 48 years old, gathered to discuss about the situation of the young Filipinos in Europe, but also to plan the launch of the YENFiD (Young ENFiD) with the special Youth Forum within the European Regional Conference of ENFiD in Essen on 30 September- 1 October this year.

Photo YENFID meeting

The first day was dedicated to the socialization of the youngsters and a round of their “expectations check” for the three-day meeting. Then there was a presentation of ENFiD (its history, aims and present status) and a general overview about the role of the Youth within the ENFiD structure. At the end of the day, representatives of ENFiD Netherlands gave a warm welcome to the WG and treated us to a sumptuous Filipino dinner.

The second day started with a levelling-off session conducted by Ms. Rohlee about the Philippine history and a presentation of the Migration Waves of the Filipinos all over the world, from the end of the 19th century until now. Then the Working Group discussed about the features of a Euro-Pinoy Youth, their interests and concerns, the issues they face in the different European countries, with consideration to the different stories behind each Euro-Pinoy. After this, we had a planning session of the activities by and dedicated to the Euro-Pinoy youth during the next ENFiD Conference and General Assembly.

In the third and last day, the WG brainstormed on ideas for a logo of YENFiD. The meeting closed with recommendations for the next Two-Year Action Plan for 2018-2019 of ENFiD which would be submitted for deliberation to the ENFiD Essen meeting. Then again the representatives of ENFiD Netherlands joined the WG and together we celebrated the gathering of these 8 youngsters and also celebrated Easter.



In conclusion, the expectations of all the members of the WG were more than satisfied and at the end, this group was no more only a “Working Group”, but also a “Bunch of Friends”.

Allen Magsino, Italy

[ENFiD-Netherlands] Country Report from the Netherlands: February 2017

ENFiD Netherlands Christmas

Diane Mondragon Halmans

The Enfid Christmas caroling was organized to replace the planned Christmas market trip to Germany. Which we have to cancel due to time constraints.

December 3 was the first and the only practice we had. We agreed to visit Roermond, Stein, Maastricht & Riemst in Belgium. We notified other Filipinos living in those areas to come to the designated addresses so we don’t have to transfer from one house to another.


The first caroling was scheduled on December 9 in Roermond at an Enfid member’s house. It was chaotic but we had a good laugh. It was considered as another practice but with audience this time. Then we agreed that the next & final caroling will be a whole day event. So on December 27 we started at about 1 in the afternoon in Stein. Then it was followed at 5 pm in Maastricht. The last house we visited was in Riemst.

We might not had enough time to prepare & our performance was not as good as we wanted it to be but we enjoyed it.

Well there’s always next year to look forward to. Hopefully we will do better then.

ENFiD NL( European Network of Filipino Diaspora), Stichting HELP FILIPINO CHILDREN and Margarita Relos , organize a fundraising CONCERT for the victims of Typhoon Nina (Nock-Ten) that made landfall in Bicol Region, Philippines on Christmas evening, Sunday, December 25, 2016. The Benefit Concert will be on Saturday, 4 February starts 18:00, at Gemeenteschaphuis Sjoolpad in Roermond, The Netherlands. 6 Bands will rock the show during the benefit concert they are NUR DEUTCHE WELLE, Roger Selder Band, Boozze, Colorful Swing Band, Go Nutz, and The Gonutz. 2 alumni members of University of the Philippines Singing Ambassadors Madeleine Pimentel Denopra & Quintin Dwight de Luna will share their beautiful voice and Jesamine Villanueva Totañes will show her art works.


[ENFiD-Netherlands] Spotted in the Netherlands: February 2016

ENFiD News & Views will be featuring essays that were submitted to the first ENFiD Essay Writing Contest held in 2015. With the theme “Ako Ay Pilipino sa Europa – Ganito Ako Ngayon, Paano Ako Bukas?” (This is how I am today, how will I be tomorrow?), the essay contest was launched to coincide with the 2nd European Regional Overseas Filipino Conference in Malta held last July 31-August 3. The purpose was to engage as many Euro-Pinoys as possible in ENFiD objectives as well as examine their roles in Europe’s multi-cultural environment. An overwhelming number of entries from 44 Euro-Pinoys were submitted and the first three essays which garnered the highest points were proclaimed the winners. The announcement and the prize-giving ceremony took place at the ENFiD Cultural Evening held at the Catholic Institute Auditorium in Floriana, Malta last August 1st 2015. Four judges were handpicked meticulously to choose the winners based on a selection criteria such as Creativity, Structure, Adherence to Topic, Grammar, Length and “Wow!” factor. “On Shame & Family Values” which was written by Charmian Lim from Netherlands, was among the top 10 entries.

On Shame and Family Values

Charmian Lim

My cousin Vicky had her first baby when she was 16. Had she been a little older, she would’ve been forced to marry the man who impregnated her, a friend of one of her overprotective brothers. In a way, she was lucky. She escaped a future stuck with a man who turned out to be the kind of person who abuses drugs and women.

She moved to the US and later married an American man of Filipino ethnicity, who accepted her first child, gave her a green card and her second baby. From all appearances, he loved her quite dearly.

I was surprised when my mother told me that she had a third baby, now four months old. This news was not shared on Facebook or the family grapevine, as if it were a big secret. Hiding a pregnancy in a tight-knit Filipino family is usually very difficult, but this time it was kept under wraps for over a year. The crux of the secrecy was this: the baby is black.

Contrary to the traditional joyful hullaballoo that surrounds a new baby conceived in the confines of (usually a church-sanctioned) marriage, Ate Vicky’s third baby still is shrouded in mystery: there are no pictures on social media, I am not even privy to the baby’s name or gender. What usually was a source of celebration has become a badge of shame. Ate Vicky’s father, my uncle, has even said, “If I had known she would shame our family this much, I should’ve committed suicide when Vicky became a teenage mother.”

Having been raised in a conservative Filipino culture in small-town Ilocos Sur, I understood my uncle’s reaction. Good girls are not supposed to have sex before marriage, much less get pregnant at 16. Ate Vicky’s fall from grace, in the context of Filipino tradition, is proof of her parents’ failure to instill in her the values that should have guided her to avoid the temptation of premarital sex. A child’s mistake is as much her parents’ own. My own father promised to disown me had I gotten myself with child while in school.

For years after Ate Vicky’s first pregnancy, she was the cautionary tale that my parents used to scare me into abstinence, to keep me from deviating from the traditional middle-class Filipino path of graduating from college, landing a job, finding a spouse and building a family. This path did not include me moving to the Netherlands nor adopting a viewpoint that veered away from conservative Filipino philosophies, but that’s what happened.

When I found out about Ate Vicky’s African-American baby, my reaction was not to feel ashamed of her. Instead, I felt sorry for her, for facing such a challenging life because of the choices she has made.

The fact of her extramarital affair was only a small shock to me, considering that I thought that she and her husband were happy. But the adultery itself was not something that scandalized me. Had I been confronted with the news a decade ago, I would have been outraged. These days, having been bombarded by advertisements in Dutch media for dating websites specifically for extramarital affairs, adultery is no longer an affront to the whole community akin to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. In the slightly Westernized corner of my mind, adultery is a private matter between the spouses and the third party. Not once did I assign any blame to Ate Vicky’s parents, nor did I consider her actions as a black mark against the family name. I am not trying to portray myself as a saint immune to the human tendency to judge others. I am as judgmental as the next person. I do not condone adultery. However, my point is that Ate Vicky’s shame – or whatever she might feel as a result of her actions – is her own.

This is the mentality I am slowly adopting as I live among the Dutch. There is more emphasis on the self as an individual, and less on the self as a part of a communal whole. My defeats are the result of my own failures; my triumphs are the result of my own efforts.

I am by no means abandoning my Filipino values. I would like to think that my family would always support me in times of defeat, and that they would glow with pride as I share with them my triumphs. As I prepare for building a family of my own with my Dutch partner, I must consider what values to instill in my future children. Will I be able to create a loving environment without fear of collective shame, but still be able to impart the importance of family ties? I certainly hope so.


11 February 2016—The Philippine Embassy in the Netherlands wishes to inform our kababayans that Canada has updated its requirements for visitors to enter the country by air.

As of 15 March 2016, citizens of visa-exempt countries, including holders of diplomatic passports or official passports, who wish to fly to Canada or transit through a Canadian airport, will need to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) prior to travelling. This change does not affect individuals entering Canada at a land-border crossing or at a marine port-of-entry.

Information on this new requirement, as well as instructions on how to apply for an eTA, may be found at Filipinos who are in the Netherlands and who are planning to travel to or transit through Canada may also wish to contact the Embassy of Canada in the Netherlands directly.

[ENFiD-Netherlands] Spotted in the Netherlands: December 2015

Mayamang Kultura Pilipinas on November 7, 2015

By: Diana Mondragon Halmans

Philippine Ambassador to the Netherlands Jaime Victor Badillo Ledda and ENFiD Netherlands Representative Diana Mondragon Halmans attended Mayamang Kultura Pilipinas on November 7, 2015, organized by Irene Esquibil Looze. The event aimed to promote awareness of the Philippine culture, arts, fashion and cuisine, and in turn, revive the Filipino pride and confidence once again.

Ambassador Ledda and Diana

Mrs. Halmans who was appointed as the new representative of ENFiD Netherlands in August this year, was invited to introduce ENFiD to the Filipino community during the said event. Mrs. Halmans is also the founding President of Stichting Help Filipino Children. As the new representative she hopes to be an instrument of spreading the vision and goals of ENFiD in the Filipino community in the Netherlands.

Mrs Halmans was one of the observers during ENFiD Board Meeting in Bonn, Germany last 28-29 November 2015. She found it very informative and inspiring and is now more motivated and committed to her role as country representative.

ENFiD Netherlands will pay a Courtesy Call to Philippines Ambassador Jaime Victor Badillo Ledda at the Philippines Embassy, The Hague on December 14, 2015 to discuss the following agenda of activities for January 2016:
January 8, 2016 Film Viewing Heneral Luna
March 5, 2016 Spring Disco (Celebration for Woman’s Day)
March 26, 2016 Leadership Training for Euro-Pinoy Youth with CYLD
April 2, 2016 Film Viewing Bonifacio, Ang Unang Pangulo
June 4, 2016 Family Day

ENFiD Netherlands courtesy call visit to Philippine Embassy in the Hague, 14 December 2015, Den Haag

By Jane Prieto

“It is my privilege to get to know the European Networks of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD) Netherlands” says Philippine Ambassador to the Netherlands, Jamie Victor Badillo Ledda during the courtesy call visit of ENFiD Netherlands Ad Hoc officers and members, accompanied by the ENFiD Executive Director Rohlee de Guzman. There were eighteen (18) persons who visited the Embassy using the ENFiD hat while individually representing their own organizations too.

COURTESY CALL group photo's

During the visit, the group had a presentation about ENFiD, with the help of our very active Executive Director Rohlee de Guzman, as an umbrella of Filipino Diaspora within European countries. Also included in the presentation was the status and highlights of development of ENFiD Netherlands, such as the election of officers and the registering of ENFiD Netherlands, as a first step in the coming months together with other activities: training, seminars, film showing, etc. as part of the 2-year plan.

It was a fruitful day for all of us. The visit strongly emphasized communication and information between the two parties. The group was able to hear what the Embassy is doing at present and on the possibility of tapping support from the Embassy on its lined-up activities, which was viewed by the ambassador as a window of opportunity to tie-up with Filipino community in the Netherlands. The visiting group and the Ambassador also exchanged ideas on feedback mechanisms and standardization of the consular services of the Embassy. Recently, the Embassy started to implement the ‘Client Feedback Survey’ which can be carried out at every of visit the Embassy. And with regards to how soon results can be felt, the Ambassador says “It is a dynamic process”.

The ENFiD group concluded the visit to the Embassy in the Hague with a dinner at the Filipino restaurant in the town with a long table “Boodle Fight”.

[ENFiD] What is Wrong with Overseas Filipinos

Presented by Gene Alcantara, ENFID Chairman on the 2nd Filipino European Overseas Conference in Malta v.20150801 (latest)

what is wrong cover

Please click the photo above for the latest presentation.


Presented by Gene Alcantara, ENFID Chairman in the 3rd Global Summit in Manila, Philippines v.20150224

what is wrong cover (summit)

Please click the photo above for the presentation in 3GS.