November 12, 2017 Build, Build, Build

Build, Build, Build

Build, Build, Build


Indeed, ‘Infrastructure has long been a challenging aspect of Philippine development.’ The administration of President Duterte has taken up the challenge to remedy this problem. The Build, Build, Build program aims to construct more roads, bridges, airports and railways all over the country. The program is very ambitious but favourable to the country once realised.  The administration is looking towards the private sector and loans from China to finance it’s outline of projects.

Ms. Mari Antonette Mendoza has taken a closer look at this program.

(Link to article)Pages from EuroPH Connect May-June Final File V2

More information on the projects is available in the government website,

Source: Mendoza, Mari Antonette , Build, Build, Build (2017) Business Digest of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines