ENFiD Constitution and By-laws

ENFiD Constitution (Official):

ENFID Constitution 2017 Scanned – This official ENFiD Constitution has been ratified in Prague on 16 September 2016 and signed on 21 January 2017 by the Board of Directors.

ENFiD Certification of Registration from the Commissioner for Voluntary Organizations (CVO) in Malta

On May 2014, ENFiD is registered in EU Transparency Register

The ID number of European Network of Filipino Diaspora is: 018026613626-71

For any reactions, questions, suggestions and/or improvements on the ENFID-CBL, please contact the Committee on Revision of By-laws or via contact@enfid.org


ENFID Constitution Archive

On January 2014, ENFiD is officially registered in Commission in Voluntary Organization in Malta.

The name Malta Constitution was derived during the ENFiD Country Reps/Board of Directors Meeting in Malta last January 2013. It is the Europe wide Constitution and By-laws of ENFiD.

Official ENFiD CBL a.k.a. Malta Constitution ver 20130601

Official ENFiD CBL ver 201502 (Signed on 27 September 2014 in Paris, France)

ENFiD CBL signatories ver 2015



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