European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD)


ENFiD is an active international networking association that hopes to (a) propagate the sense of Filipino “nationhood” away from the home country; (b) inculcate a strong sense of shared destiny and aspirations; (c) act as a catalyst in promoting resolutions to issues and arising problems among Filipinos in Europe.


The name of this European non-profit association shall be European Network of Filipino Diaspora, hereafter referred to as ENFiD.

The names of country associations that will form part of ENFiD shall be European Network of Filipino Diaspora-[country] and be referred to as eg ENFiD-Belgium, ENFiD-Netherlands, ENFiD-Italy, ENFiD-UK and so on.


Our vision is –

a. A Filipino Diaspora community in Europe with a continued and sustained commitment and link to the Philippines, and at the same time fully integrated with the host country. (COMMITMENT AND FULL INTEGRATION)

b. A vibrant and empowered Filipino Diaspora operating ‘glocally’ (globally and locally), whose talent, contribution and potential are recognized and rewarded both in Europe and in the Philippines, cognizant of the future generation of Filipino descent. (PEOPLE)

c. A Filipino Diaspora in touch with its cultural origins and its best traditional values, and how it enriches the diversity of life of the host country. (IDENTITY)

[ENFiD] Board Member Receives Banaag Award

ENFiD Board Member Mr. Rodrigo Maristela Receives Banaag Award

The European Network of Filipino Diaspora family congratulates Mr. Rodrigo Maristela for receiving the Banaag Award – one of the Presidential awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas. Banaag Award is conferred on Filipino individuals or organizations for their significant contribution to advance the cause or promote the interests of overseas Filipino communities.


Oggie or Megaoggie as known to many, has been working as a head nurse at the St. Josef Hospital in Essen, Germany since 1991. He is best known in the Filipino community of Germany as a musical performer, a German boyband member, stage director and trainer, event organizer and a successful community leader.

In his starting years in Germany, he has been involved as Program Director and Master of Ceremonies of various gala nights and charity events held annually by ALA EH (Association Lending Assistance in Exigencies at Home e.V.) organization. Proceeds of these events are used by ALA EH to support its long term “Help Build the Philippines Project“. Classrooms, health centers, sanitary toilets, deep wells and multi-purpose rooms for marginalized Philippine communities have been built through this project.

14372027_10209403941929477_5832713270148269607_o 12819360_10207732761351007_8142829583190830618_o 12778921_10207705950240746_3249483177189899122_o

On 2009, he became the President of ALA EH and this lasted for 4 years. He became more involved in helping the Filipino Community when he met more individuals and organizations in Europe in the Diaspora to Dialogue in Rome, Italy in 2012. Afterwhich, he represented Germany’s Philippine community in different Filipino Summits across the globe.

The biggest project that he is very proud of is when he initiated and lead the fund raising for the victims of typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. 1 Million Pesos was raised by this collaborative project between ALA EH and the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO). This became the starting capital of La Purisima Shrine Credit Cooperative in Palo, Leyte, which now has a membership of 127 families.

Beyond this, he is also an active sponsor to support the World Vision children. For him, it is one of the most personal way to support children in education especially those living in poor-stricken areas in the Philippines.

As he becomes a role model to many, these were his few words: “Huwag mag-expect palagi ng kapalit. Magtrabaho at tumulong ng taos sa puso.” (When helping, do not expect anything. Work and help sincerely)

[ENFiD-Norway] Country Report from Norway: November 2016

Summary of November Activities ENFiD Norway

November 25
Courtesy call of Rohlee de Guzman, Executive Director to Consul General Charmaine Asquivil at the Philippine Embassy Norway

November 26 (5:30-10.30 PM)
‘Money Makes the World Go Round”, talks on financial literacy and social remittances.
Concert, “A Touch of Class” by Miss Saigon star and ENFiD’s Ambassador of Goodwill, Ms. Stephanie Reese

Sponsored by Western Union
Christiana Qvartalet Restaurant
Grev Wedels Plass 7, 0151 Oslo
Contact: Leonor Vintervoll,
00 47 913 21 968

FinLit and SocRem

November 28 (from 5:30 PM)
ENFiD Introduction and Informal Networking
Philippine Embassy, Nedre Vollgate 4, 0158 Oslo

November 30 (6.00 PM)
‘Money Makes the World Go Round”, talks on financial literacy and social remittances.
Followed by Buffet- dinner /Networking
Sponsored by Western Union
Venue: Rudleveien 6, 4070 Randaberg
Attire: Casual
RSVP: November 15, 2016

FinLit and SocRem

Made possible with support from
Western Union

Download the printable program here: Calendar of November activities Norway

[ENFiD News & Views] November 2016 Issue Opening Word

Dear Readers,

For ENFiD leaders, members, relations and friends who were with us in Prague last September during the General Assembly, it is already known that the gathering had been a success. This is judging from the participation and enthusiasm of everyone present in discussions during the plenaries and the workshops as well as the side gatherings such as the concert and the exhibit of contemporary award-winning Filipino painters.

The success continues as more and more engagements of different ENFiD groups set to work in organizing various activities following some recommendations drawn at the Assembly.

But the first and most exciting news is the production of the first ever introductory video of ENFiD!!! For just a couple of minutes, an overview of what ENFiD is all about and what it does is captured here. We refer to it as our corporate video- then it sounds fancy J Today we launch this here coinciding with its premiere showing in Oslo where I am invited to speak in two ENFiD Norway events. More about these events further in this update letter. We are sending a copy of this video to all the Board Members and Country Representatives so they can use it in their activities. 

Thanks to our PR/Communication and IT Team, who, at this very moment, are also working on a total revamp of our website which we plan to launch in the first quarter of next year.

A big and broad network such as ENFiD, it is always handy to have an organizational manual as a reference point for the policies, rules, code of ethics and the like. We have formed a Team who will make the formulation for this based on the existing drafts as discussed by the Board and at the General Assemblies.

The ENFiD Environment Team for example is moving to have a refined version of the working model of the biogas digester that was presented in Prague and which garnered support and encouragement to bring it to the next level.

The Arts & Culture Committee, enriched with new members at the Prague meeting, is also developing plans which will promote Euro-Pinoy performing and visual artists across Europe by 2017.

The Training and Learning Committee with its ENFiD Roving Academy has finalized the plans for a Leadership and Gender Development Training to be held in February 10-12 next year in Essen, Germany.

The Working Group of Euro-Pinoy Youth would be holding its first skype conference on December 9 to plan activities for 2017.

There was an input from the ENFiD Secretariat about Financial Literacy (FinLit) in Stockholm at the culminating activity of the Culture week and two more will be given in Oslo on November 26 and Stavanger on November 30, all sponsored by Western Union. These events provide for an interesting combination of entertainment and information which we like to refer to as infotainment. Incidentally, while in Norway, I will be meeting with Consul General Charmaine Rowena Aviquivil and some other Filipino community leaders there. And of course I will not let this opportunity pass without a meeting with ENFiD Norway! I’m looking forward to this trip.

And as early as now, ENFiD Germany is coordinating with the ENFiD Secretariat in planning the ENFiD conference on September 30-October 1, 2017. Consider this a preliminary invitation and save the date! Next year being the 5th anniversary of ENFiD will be a bigger event with a Euro-Pinoy Youth Forum and a General Assembly. It will traditionally be preceded by a joint meeting of the Board of Directors of ENFiD Europe and the Country Representatives.

All good news from ENFiD … well except for the fact that our continuing growth is also posing a challenge. As a volunteer organization, the little funds we have is draining fast. So we must be extra creative to be able to see through all the activities and future plans.

Yes, dear readers, while ENFiD is on a good track, I would say that this is not necessarily the case for many parts in the rest of the world we are now in…

Just like you, I am very concerned about the continuing polarization between the haves and the haves-not, the establishments and the people, the leaderships and the constituents, the native and the foreign and so forth.

The worsening feeling and experience of rejection, being left-out, and deprivation of a large part of the population both on the side of the elites and the common people is giving popularity and support to populist maneuvers and pronouncements of politicians (both in the right and left political spectrum) and their followers.

The world as we know it, which has allowed us to develop our thoughts and ideas and gives us a framework, is crumbling. We are living in a rapidly changing world pretty unheard of in the past, compounded by globalization and digitalization.

Globalization, which marks the open borders for freedom of movement for goods and people, and digitalization through increasing advancement of technological developments, marks the enormous spread of information. Information that is neither always reliable nor factual, and not nuanced to the point of being manipulated and emotionally colored into messages that are fuelled immediately into networked social media.

But even if they are reliable and factual, we are just so bombarded by information every second of the day that there is neither room nor space to process these information.

Globalization is being used by populists such as Trump in a derogatory manner while they espouse the call to advance their own people first (America first by Trump) and resort to protectionist stance, opposing the arrival of migrants and refugees.

Populism has by now become the name of the game. And whether in Europe, the Philippines or elsewhere, its features are similar. It brings with it anxiety and a search for easy answers because of increasing divide of economic gains – the few rich gets richer, the greater poor gets poorer. It also features, unease with cultural implications of an increasingly interconnected world. Thus the rise of racist and xenophobic attacks to migrants and moslims and those deemed different. Populism also features alienation from a self-serving political class that aligns with the wealthy at the expense of other tiers of society. People are desperate and feel that they need a forceful figure, a hero that will lead them in an increasing complex and difficult to understand world to topple the establishment that failed them.

Given this situation, we at ENFiD and the Euro-Pinoys in general, would be better off if we stay alert and invest individually or in groups to understand what’s happening around us. We should realize (and shouldn’t expect) that easy populistic messages would provide the answers to our problems.

It is sad to see that the exchanges among the Euro-Pinoys in social media, particularly in Facebook, are characterized by uncritical postings coupled with equally populist messages. When commenters provide contrary reaction especially if maliciously formulated to such postings, a chain of hateful defamatory exchanges occur. The resulting chain of hostility is not only confined between posters and commenters but an ensuing adversity, confusion and division to more readers happens.

Instead of engaging in healthy dialogues or debates on issues, even personalities that they deem important by posting informed materials, many are posting to provoke, insult or derogate others whose opinion are different from theirs. How populist can one get!

I hope netizens would realize how divisive indiscriminate postings can be. This might sound cliché but let me remind everyone of the wisdom behind the expression “agree to disagree”.

With so many uncertainties in the world, now, more than ever, is the time to act on building and strengthening the Filipino diaspora community in Europe. With a “new story” of the world unfolding, and at the risk of sounding a New Age guru,
I call for everyone to be more open and understanding and empathetic and respectful to the others. To work on healing and regeneration instead of destruction. To engage in restoration of faith in the world, in ourselves, in the future. We all owe it to ourselves and to everyone and everything we hold dear.

As 2016 is moving towards its end, and this being the last issue of News & Views for this year, allow me to wish you all a memorable Christmas season and a peaceful blessed transition to the New Year.

Best regards,

Rohlee de Guzman
ENFiD Executive Director

[ENFiD-Switzerland] Country Report from Switzerland: November 2016

The Tale of Enfid-Swiss
By Betsy von Atzigen

Once upon a time, by the Säntis alps in Sankt Gallen, a petite Ilongga quietly lived and worked around her own. The calm was interrupted when she got invited by 2 other Ilongga sisters from Stockholm and Oslo to attend an important gathering in Malta. The travel was to find not a prince charming but to pen a new chapter in the book of Enfid tales. Malta is a spectacular southern island country in the Mediterranean, with mesmerizing blue waters and shimmering islands. How could one not visit?

The Sankt Galler Ilongga then went in haste to the gathering and was awed by 100 or more highly engaged busy talking men dressed in handsome barongs and coats and women in elegant pinya and jusi Filipiniana, living mainly in Europe. But there was something more than met her eye. They were all passionate about connecting and relating with other Pinoys within the continent. The hall was abuzz with „Ako ay Filipino overseas… Ganito ako ngayon, paano ako bukas?“

Convinced that the purpose of the gathering  was good for community-building, the petite Ilongga went back home to Sankt Gallen. From there, she announced, searched and gathered 15 other petite and not-so-petite but delightfully purposed Pinays living in not so far-flung Swiss-German, Swiss-French, Swiss-Italian and Swiss-Romansch cantons. Together they embarked on a new chapter of Enfid in the chocolatey heart of western-central Europe, Switzerland. The Toblerone valleys gave way. On the 24th of October 2015, at the Quartierzentrum of Zürich, ENFiD-Swiss came into being.

Chapter 1
The tale continues. 11 months on, ENFiD-Swiss community grew and stretched, aiming to reach all 17,000 Pinoys in this alpine country. Various connections were established. Meaningful engagements  ensued. Learning and development huddles caused sure bonding and strengthening. Social media was abuzz like drones on cyber sky. The ENFiD-Swiss Constitution and By-laws were written, approved and sealed. The book  became a balustrade of Enfid life.

Then the hour came for its official grounding in the alpine Canton of Sankt Gallen.  The fair and affable lawyer Stadtpräsidentin / City Mayor Frau Susanne Hartmann officially recognized and signed the ENFiD Book. Our Constitution and By-Laws became a permanent part of the local Swiss Gemeinde / community. Yes, we have penned ENFiD in Swiss history. The first of its kind, more of its kind to come. Tis‘ the season to celebrate.

ENFiD Swiss with Stadt Präsidentin

Chapter 2
The tale heightens like the Swiss alps.  2017 marks 60 years of Philippine-Swiss diplomatic relations. Cheers to the unfolding of a new and exciting chapter.

[ENFiD-Ireland] Country Report from Ireland: November 2016


ENFiD-Ireland is happy to announce the launch of the first Filipino-Irish Online Radio Station, and its newly updated online handbook “Getting Started in Éire: A Handbook for Ireland-Bound Filipinos.”

Ireland Pinoy Craic is an information centre that links the Philippines and Ireland through news, events, immigration updates and music.

Listen to uniquely Filipino and Irish music performed by artists from or influenced by your Home and Host country, or a blend of instruments or lyrics in different languages and dialects.

Your HUB
Get the latest news, migrant-related information, community events and the much needed assistance to bi-cultural integration.

This is where the pearl meets the emerald, where the Philippines and Ireland open up to each other in an international context, where you hit two birds in one stone as a “Global Filipino-Irish”.

What’s Pinoy Craic?

Where Pearls and Emeralds Combine into an Inspiring Synergy

The Philippines is known as the “Pearl of the Orient Seas” while the Republic of Ireland is also called the “Emerald Isle.”

Synergy is the cooperation of two or more things that, when working together, creates a combined power that is greater than the total product achieved by each functioning separately. It is when two different people bring all their personal experience and expertise together to produce far better results that they could individually. It is when we learn and gain jointly with others new insights we are much less likely to discover by ourselves.

This creative learning process is what Pinoy Craic is all about.  It opens up Filipinos and the Irish to each other’s influence within a global environment.

Pinoy Craic is an online information centre that seeks to engage overseas Filipinos to their Philippine roots and the Irish cultural heritage, giving form to their identity as “Global Filipino-Irish” and at the same time promoting the Philippines & the Republic of Ireland. It enlightens on what is truly Pinoy and genuinely Paddy in an international context.

Pioneered by three Cavan-based Filipino broadcasting experts, Pinoy Craic is also the Filipino-Irish Voice on matters affecting Filipino migrants in the Philippines and Ireland by arming them with inspiring tools in order to cope with changes taking place globally and in their host and home countries, which directly impact their socio-cultural and economic lives.
It is an online platform that aims to connect and empower the Filipino community in Ireland by campaigning for migrant rights and celebrating the unique and indispensable Filipino work ethic and skills   which are a crucial contributor to the labour workforce in Ireland and the rest of the world.

Through Filipino and Irish music and relevant migrant-related web content, Pinoy-Craic provides overseas Filipinos and other interested online users continuous updates on community and international events, latest immigration information, and the much-needed assistance on cultural integration.

So Why “Pinoy Craic”?

Pinoy is an informal term referring to the Filipino people in the Philippines and their culture as well as to overseas Filipinos. The word is formed by taking the last four letters of Filipino and adding the diminutive suffix -y in the Tagalog language (the suffix is commonly used in Filipino nicknames: e.g. “Ninoy” or “Noynoy” for Benigno Jr. and III respectively], “Totoy” for Augusto, etc.)

Craic or “crack” is an Irish term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation, particularly prominent in Ireland. It is often used with the definite article – the craic – as in the expression “What’s the craic?” (meaning “How are you?” or “What’s happening?”)

Getting Started in Éire: An Online Handbook for Ireland-Bound Filipinos

ENFiD Ireland Handbook

If you are successful in finding employment in Ireland and have decided to commit to relocating, then this simple guide can give you all the information you need to know as well as useful tips on navigating the country. This is the first regularly updated online handbook for Filipino Migrants in Ireland. Check out the November 2016 issue.

[ENFiD-Austria] Country Report from Austria: November 2016


On the road to discovery
By Mae Cayir, Country Representative

One of the fascinating discoveries as an ENFID Country Representative is the opportunity to meet our compatriots on a one-on-one basis. On the road for me to acquaint myself with the Filipino community here in Austria, it is heartening to know that our core values and beliefs continue to thrive in this European context at a time when global politics keep throwing us into confusion and division.

Currently, one of the Filipino artists whom I have come to know is Tommy Aquino. He hails originally from Manila, and has been a resident of Vienna for 17 years. His interest in art was established when he was about 10 years old, at a time when he had the freedom to enjoy drawing. At the age of 25, he started establishing himself as an artist within the Metro Manila area, and was fascinated by landscapes, as well as scenery taking in fauna and flora, In Austria, he has his fill from fields of sunflowers and red poppies. Over the years, he has collected quite a number of paintings, most of which have been given away to admiring friends and family, as well as sold to add to his family’s domestic budget. An artist of humble beginnings, with no significant sponsors, can only continue with his art as his spirit takes him. And, through this humility, he has never forgotten to share with those who are in need. Charity is one of the values ingrained in him, and his siblings, by their mother.

Team Austria

Of late, now in mid-life, he is fascinated by modern abstract art. Picasso has caught his eye, and his friends tease him that they may just call him, “Tommy Picasso” one day. Today, in Vienna, he is exhibiting his collections of Modern Abstract Paintings, “The Celebrity” Series..and the “Blond Hair Woman” Picasso Style. This is his third Exhibition in a local gallery, Gallery Steiner.

Team Austria

In his own words, “My passion is in my inner soul. I create images with no intention nor direction, but only from my pure feelings with respect and discipline. As a self-taught Artist, I am always learning from my experience, discovering new techniques to enhance my style of painting. I believe that my Art is a revelation of undiscovered harmony, beauty and unity.”

In the meantime, he is completing his studies in art, courses provided by the city of Vienna, because a true artist at heart never ceases to hone his craft and master his skills. The field of art is endless, and when it comes to abstract art, the possibilities are infinite. I am excited to see how this emerges from his heart and soul, and look forward to his future exhibits, one of which will find its way through an ENFID event.

I would like to introduce a very shy poet, whose art was kept in a box of treasures, until I walked into her life, Lovelyn A. We met last summer, and after exploring with her the stuff of which her poetry is made, I finally coaxed her out of the shadows and got her pen running across pages of her notebook. It was with an audience of some Austrian ladies, students of a local communications service, “TalkShop”, that we gathered on a Saturday summer afternoon for a barbecue hosted by one charming and handsome Austrian gentleman. It was here where I asked her to recite her poems. As the sun set, and the candles lit up across the branches of the tree under which she stood, we listened in awe, holding our breath, as she took us with her on every word that she expressed, touching our hearts, our souls, and raising goosebumps on our skin. That shy poet I had met was a whole different persona that had me thinking of MacBeth come alive.

Team Austria

Team Austria

Autumn started to roll into our Austrian climate, when I asked her to write poetry based on a collection of portraits that Tommy Aquino was playing around with. I felt that she had potential to explore outside of her comfort zone of writing, and this was going to bring her to another level. As it turned out, the collaboration was worthy. See for yourself, how combining two art forms into one harmonizes exemplary . These are now on exhibit through a Facebook page titled, “Abstract Soul”. I see the potential for a coffee-table book one day.

I prefer not to look,
For my eyes will betray me,
And will show me sadness.
I prefer to feel,
For my heart is a chamber of love,
And will show you goodness.
I am a woman,
Graceful, feminine and soft.
But I could be a man,
When the world requires me
To be tough.
-Poem by Lovelyn A.

Team Austria

Celebrity Abstract Portrait by Tommy Aquino, Vienna 2016

A third artist whom I stumbled upon during this season of change, autumn in Vienna, is Anna Bader. In fact, she was one of the artists featured at the exhibition curated by Virgilio Cuizon for the ENFID General Assembly that was held in Prague September 2016. It was unfortunate that Anna and I didn’t meet in Prague, but missed opportunities hold a promise worth pursuit. So, I made contact with her here in Vienna, and we finally met in person. Fortuitously, this was at a time when she was moving her artwork from canvas to vintage bags. Together with the owner of “Street Look” boutique, Ma’am Marialen Dimailig, a Filipina of extended residence here in Vienna, we are launching a series of such artful vintage bags for a select group of clients who are avid followers of her collection of women’s apparel, that she personally curates on a regular basis from Paris. Marialen is herself an artist in her own right because her choice of women’s fashion is lead by a keen eye that is intuitively that of an artist. In this, I consider her the fourth artist of this group I am introducing to our ENFID members.

Team Austria

Team Austria

So, it goes, from one artist to the next, there are many gems hidden amongst the Filipino community here in Austria. If I manage to pry them lose out of their hiding places, you can be sure that they will make their debut here on these newsletters.

[ENFiD-Czech Republic] Country Report from the Czech Republic: November 2016

ENFiD Czech Republic
by Michelle Marquez

ENFiD Czech Republic is one of the smallest but enthusiastic team in the ENFiD network. The team consists of seven proactive members, with four new members who are community leaders in their own rights. The new addition to the team are: Ariel Funa, former president of the Filipino-Czech Association (FCA) and an active organiser of the Filcom Vienna-Prague annual Sportsfest; Rachel Escame, the current president of Las Damas de Rizal of Prague (LDRP) the ladies group of The Knights of Rizal; Justine Lyris Bacay, president of Child Zero a non-government organization based in Oriental Mindoro; Analyn Iszwora another former FCA officer and a founding member of LDRP, Litomerice group and; Love Ynia a refreshing addition to the team. She is a stage artist and a former member of ENFiD Romania.

4 Ladies

ENFiD CZ Ladies

Ana & Che

Ana & Che


ENFiD CZ group




After the ENFiD General Assembly in Prague last September 16-18, 2016. The team full of inspiration and support from the Filipino community decided to embark on their first project. The Paskong Pilipino in Prague in cooperation with the Philippine Embassy, it will be held on the 10th of December at the embassy grounds. This will also serve as the formal introduction of ENFiD CZ to the Filipino-Czech community.


While the preparation for the Christmas party is in full gear a Filipino band, The Manila Acoustics was born. Mostly composed of Filipino men sharing their love for music gathered together to have fun with their guitars and beat box. Jamming with the guys is always fun, making the camaraderie even stronger and no wonder Love Ynia instantly blends in harmony with the group. Their music is known to Filipinos during events and Church gatherings but they have never tried their luck in clubs. For the first time on the 10th of December at 8pm they will launch their music and showcase their talents in The Red Room Music Club in Prague.


Unfortunately, it was not all fun these past months. One of our kababayan, Mary Jane Balgos passed away. She will always be remembered for her cheerful smile and good heart. Her death has given us inspiration to focus our works more towards the overall health and well – being of our fellowmen. These are the core objectives of ENFiD Czech Republic.

[ENFiD] Infotainment: Culture Show, Concert, and Financial Literacy in Sweden and Norway

Infotainment: Culture Show and Concert featuring the basics of Financial Literacy and Social Remittances in Stockholm, Oslo and Stavanger

On October 15, during the culminating activity of the Filipino Culture Week held in the oldest cinema house of Stockholm, Zita Folkets Bio, a presentation about the basic concepts of Financial Literacy and Social Remittances (Finlit/Socrem) was given by ENFiD’s Executive Director, Rohlee de Guzman. This event was attended by 110 participants.

Ms. De Guzman is a Financial Literacy trainer since 2010 after following trainings in Turin, Italy and Bochum, Germany organized by Atikha. She emphasizes the importance of Social Remittances and not only financial remittances as major contribution of migrants to their home country.

ENFiD Sweden headed by Chairperson Liberty Fajutrao, and Philippine Center Sweden headed by Rachel Hansen are the organizers of the weeklong Culture Week that ran from 11-16 October in Stockholm.

See the full details of the Stockholm program here: ENFiD-WU Stockholm Program

The program of this culminating activity consisted of awarding of the winners of the competitions (cooking and painting), various Filipino dances and songs, a fashion show of traditional Filipino costumes including those made of Filipino fibers and speeches connecting culture and money. An input with critical points on Euro-Pinoys’ (Filipino in general) attitude and behavior regarding money was given and introduction on the concepts of savings and investment was presented. Also the concept of social entrepreneurship and the call to support and promote local social enterprises of migrants was discussed. Examples of these social enterprises was also presented such as the Soro-soro Ibaba Development Cooperative, the Lugawe Multipurpose Cooperative and Ekolife.

The risks of sending money through informal channels was also presented against sending remittances through formal channels.
The representative of Western Union, Ms. Zeny Abbaspour presented the new program of Western Union of sending remittances via internet. This means there is no need for a Western Union office or agent as conduit because people can just remit in the comfort of their homes anytime they want.

The participants were very interested to know more about savings and investments. ENFiD Sweden will consider planning a financial literacy training with discussions on social remittances for 2017 so that a more in-depth discussion with workshops can be had. Ms. Zeny Abbaspour offered to support an ENFiD training by arranging a free venue in Botkyrka Kommun, a town just outside of Stockholm where she works.

Some participants expressed their interest to join ENFiD after seeing what ENFiD has to offer.

This is the fourth year that the Filipino Culture Festival was organized originally by the Philippine Center Sweden and later together with ENFiD Sweden. The whole week features various cultural activities aimed at promoting the Filipino Culture and Arts not only among Filipinos but among the Swedish too. At the culminating day the following awards were presented: the Pinoy Chef 2016 Award, Pinoy Artist 2016 Award, Pinoy Photographer 2016 Award, Hall of Fame Award for Cultural Achievement. The recipients of the awards received cash prizes. A lottery draw with two grand prizes, a round trip ticket to any European City and a Door- to- Door Box also highlighted the event.

This event is made possible with support from
Western Union

Meanwhile in Norway similar introductory lectures on financial literacy and social remittances will be held in Oslo on November 26 and in Stavanger on November 30 in the events dubbed, ‘Money Makes the World Go Round”. The lectures will cover social remittances/ social costs of migration, introduction to the concepts of savings and investments, opportunities and strategies for local economic development in the Philippines through social enterprises particularly the biogas digester project of ENFiD. The lectures which will be held at the Christiania Qvartalet Restaurant in Oslo will be followed by a gala dinner and a concert by ENFiD’s Ambassador of Goodwill, Ms. Stephanie Reese. About 60-75 people are expected to be present in this event which is being organized by ENFiD Norway Board Member Leonor Vintervoll.

Take a look at the Oslo flyer here: ENFiD-WU Oslo Program

In Stavanger, this event will be held at the residence of Honorary Consul and ENFiD Board Member Renee Ikdal in Randaberg. About 25-35 participants, mostly engineers, are expected to be present. A buffet dinner and informal networking will follow after the lectures.

Download the Stavanger flyer here: ENFiD-WU Stavanger Program

All these introductory financial literacy/ social remittances events in Stockholm, Oslo and Stavanger are made possible with support from Western Union.

[ENFiD] Working Group Young ENFiD holds first Meeting to Plan Activities for 2017

Working Group Young ENFiD holds first Meeting to Plan Activities for 2017

The Euro-Pinoy Youth is a concern for Overseas Filipinos (OF’s) across the board – whether an immigrant, a contract worker, an expat, etc.

For ENFiD, the program objective regarding the Euro-Pinoy Youth is to organize a “Young ENFiD” section within the ENFiD network. But recognizing that the youths have different interests which might also be in line with on-going ENFiD programs and projects (like Education/ Training, Art&Culture, Environment or other thematic concerns such as gender, financial literacy, etc), it is envisioned that the Working Group’s (WG) would facilitate and coordinate the connection and mobilization of the youths and the initiate the discussion contents and of possible activities which translates the contents into practical and feasible activities.

The Euro-Pinoy Youth Program was conceived, among others, to facilitate the formation of Yenfid (short for Young ENFiD).
The general idea is to facilitate connection among and between the young Euro-Pinoys in Europe.

Eventually since there are many initiatives already at local and national levels for and by the Euro-Pinoy youth being undertaken by Filipino organisations, including ENFiD country member organisations, we aim to give synergy to these initiatives that are being undertaken or roll-out the good practices that are already being done to other countries.

The General Objective of the Young ENFiD Program is to develop a new crop of leaders within the Euro-Pinoy community and beyond with strong connection to the Philippines and Europe. They have a special potential to be ambassadors for the Philippines in Europe and for Europe in the Philippines.

The Program Objectives of the Young ENFiD are to:

  1. Connect the Euro-Pinoy youth with each other;
  2. Facilitate dialogues about the particularities of the situation of the Euro-Pinoy youths with the aim to contribute in giving form to their identity as both Filipino and European;
  3. Facilitate their connection and involvement with the Philippines (its culture, people, development, the country);
  4. Hone the ambassadorial potential of the Euro-Pinoy youth in promoting the Philippines while also promoting integration in the host country;

Initial talks between Lenny Bugayong of Noi-P Switzerland about this concept, also in the framework of the workshop on Euro-Pinoy Youth held at the ENFiD General Assembly in Prague in September this year.  Noi-P is an organization of young Euro-Pinoys in CH.  The Recommendations of this Assembly regarding the Euro-Pinoy are:

  1. It is recommended for ENFiD to formulate general, over-arching, achievable goals regarding the EuroPinoy youth in its Two-Year Action Plan;
  2. It is recommended for ENFiD to facilitate the exchanges of Euro-Pinoy youths for example in a Youth Forum during its annual European conferences which can be the basis in the formation of Young ENFiD (Yenfid);
  3. It is recommended for ENFiD to facilitate a direct dialogue between the Euro-Pinoy youths and parents. This direct exchange can be a source of learning for both.

The Working Group of Euro-Pinoy Youth would be holding its first Skype conference on December 9 to plan activities for 2017.

[ENFiD] Leadership and Gender Development Training in Essen, Germany

Why train? Why learn?

One coffee break on a cold morning, I came across a young colleague who looked at me in the eye and remarked: Why waste time and resources on training? It’s costly and hardly brings tangible results.

The question literally put a brake on my learning cum development wired-mind and instead of being shocked, I blurted out in a good laugh! She joined me. I turned to her and muttered «Yeah, why are we training, huh? Lots of prep time, organization, hard earned which could be used for better stuff like holiday and sightseeing, bonding or good projects.“

Then she pulled back and said, „Hold on, actually last time we trained, I felt like my level of confidence and competence went up by a nudge and my motivation too. I felt lighter, like I’ve grown, developed and did better at work.“

Oh, I added, so there was intangible result then?

She added, „Actually, just between the 2 of us, I used to make casual mistakes on the job but after the learning sessions , I became more conscious of the details and never repeated those mistakes.

Ahhh, so here come the tangible results.

Leadership Training

Ever asked yourself Why train? Why learn? Why is ENFiD-Europe investing on learning and development ? Here are my answers. What’s yours?

  • Increases ENFiD competence
  • Increases ENFiD confidence
  • Enhances individual morale and ENFiD satisfaction
  • Makes better able to assimilate ENFiD change
  • Reduces errors, mistakes and misunderstandings
  • Brings ENFiD together to bond while hearing a common message
  • Gives ENFiD the opportunity to share experience, ideas, thoughts, recommendations and solutions
  • Shows a dramatic and direct relationship between training and increased ENFiD engagement, retention
  • Generates an expectation of growth, change and development for a better ENFiD Europe
  • Makes ENFiD robust in time of adversity as well as progress
  • It’s a sure path to ENFiD expansion and maturity.

Now unto something concrete. We’re inviting you ENFiD-EU BOD, Country Representatives and Leaders to a customized LEADERSHIP and GENDER DEVELOPMENT

  • on February 10-12, 2017 arrive 5PM Friday, depart 2PM Sunday
  • in Jugendhaus St. Altfrid
    Charlottenhofstrasse 61, 45219 Essen, Germany
    Tel. (+49) 02054 93760-0
  • Sponsor- subsidized Training Cost: Euro 75
  • by ENFiD BOD Trainer‘s Team

Leadership Training

Shall we stock up on above and look to an ENFiD-Europe we can all belong to?
Email to register latest by 8 December 2016, limited to 25 participants. Sponsor-subsidized cost includes 2 nights’ accommodation: bed, beddings, towels, meals + coffee,fruits, biscuits, internet connection and conference facilities.

Download the flyer here: Leadership Training